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TV hotel for sale

A PIECE of popular television series McLeod’s Daughters is up for sale. The Railway Hotel in Freeling, north of Adelaide near the Barossa Valley, is better known as the Gungellan Hotel in the Channel 9 series.

After four years, hotel licensee Kerrie Price is selling the business and the lease is expected to fetch about $400,000.

Gungellan Hotel signs are now a permanent fixture on the Railway Hotel.

“The hotel is famous because of McLeod’s Daughters and it’s not just a hotel, but more of a tourist destination,” Ms Price said.

“People come in all the time and have their photos taken at the front or they video the hotel.

“People hope they will catch one of the stars during filming.”

Ms Price said she was selling the business because of other commitments.

“I have another business which is expanding and I don’t have the time and energy that the hotel requires,” she said. “It’s a good business with a great future ahead of it.”

The hotel features a main front bar, a dining room, a gaming room with six poker machines and a large beer garden.

Maurice Saponari, of Langfords Hotel Brokers, is handling the sale.

“It’s a great typical country hotel which fits the classic image of the series,” he said.

“The hotel is of high profile and we have had good strong interest in the sale already. The business is for sale, not the building.” Tourist coaches stop at Freeling to show off the sights of Gungellan, including the hotel.

“The hotel is an integral part of the show,” McLeod’s Daughters spokeswoman Cathy Gray said.

In a recently filmed episode, a birthday party for Nick and Alex’s dad, Harry, was held in the hotel.

“I would imagine whoever buys the business wants to be a part of the country community and (to) continue to be a part of the series,” she said.

By Louise Treccasi
June 28, 2005
The Advertiser