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Hit not from the fast track


MAKING a splash… singer Rebecca Lavelle has won acclaim for her McLeod's Daughters soundtrack.

TO the unknowing observer, 22-year-old Rebecca Lavelle appears an overnight success story.

The former Brisbane resident hit the big time by voicing the soundtrack to television series McLeod's Daughters, but it has been a long road to recognition.

McLeod's Daughters—Songs from the Series is sitting at No. 8 on the national album charts and this week reached gold status on the back of the popularity of the Channel 9 series.

Lavelle, is in Brisbane visiting her parents this week, is thrilled with the album's unexpected success but said reaching the spotlight was no easy task.

"You're continually auditioning and things like that, and never thinking that something like this is going to happen," Lavelle said.

"People say, 'Wow, you're 22, that's young to have achieved so much', but when you've been (performing) since you're three years old, it seems like you've been working your whole life."

Luck did play a part in Lavelle's inclusion on the McLeod's Daughter's project. She shared a flat in Sydney with Hi-5 member Tim Harding, whose series producer, Posie Graeme-Evans, also produces McLeod's Daughters.

Harding suggested that Graeme-Evans and songwriter Chris Harriott audition Lavelle for the McLeod's soundtrack.

The pair had originally intended for the album to feature several singers including an established name.

But on hearing Lavelle, they scrapped those plans and asked her to voice the entire record.

Lavelle recorded the album over 18 months and will begin recording for the third series of McLeod's Daughters in two weeks. Two tracks from the first, My Heart is Like a River and Don't Judge will be released on a single next month.

By Kathryn Torpy
October 09, 2002
The Courier Mail
Picture: Glenn Barnes