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Jonny Pasvolsky

Jonny Pasvolsky... making the move from the small screen to the large.

And here's Jonny…

AFTER vanishing from town at the end of last year, we've tracked down former McLeod's Daughters star Jonny Pasvolsky. But is it former? Apparently he'll be back in Freeling in the near future to film some more scenes.

"You haven't got me for too long, though," he says. No, his sights are set on the big screen.

He's organising a trip to the Toronto Film Festival - for the screening of Australian film Macbeth, in which he stars with Sam Worthington and Gary Sweet. Jonny describes it as dark and intense.

"It's very gangland," he says. Not surprising given it was directed by Geoffrey Wright, who did Romper Stomper. In fact for a while, Jonny was shooting the film while he was still on-set at McLeod's - Macbeth was shot at night in Melbourne.

"I'd film McLeod's all day, get on a plane, fly to Melbourne," he sighs.

His look in Macbeth is different to his spunky Rob at Drovers - he's got a shaved head and is very pale. "When I'd come back onto set at McLeod's they had to give me a fake tan, and I wore a hat a lot to cover up my shaved head."

Jonny recently married long-term girlfriend Caro. "It's been awesome," he says of wedded life. But on that subject, that's about all we could get out of him.

Next up for Jonny is a film he's making with his brother Steve in October. "It's been in the pipeline for years," he says. "But it's very hush-hush."

Jonny and Steve have been working together for years, writing scripts.

"It's really not a very big industry," he says of the acting world, "there's not that much work out there, you've got to create it."

June 27, 2006
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