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Rachael Carpani

Rachael Carpani

Drovers crew heads for the hills

THERE’S a noticeable spring in the step around Drover’s Run.

Tomorrow sees the start of a two-week break for the McLeod’s Daughters gang. Not that they’ll be doing a great deal of relaxing…

John Jarratt is tying the knot at the end of the month in country New South Wales.

Co-incidentally his fiancee’s name is Cody Jarrett, so she won’t have to do a great deal to her name when they get married.

Plenty of the cast are heading over for the nuptials, including Michala Banas and Rachael Carpani. They will join makeup supervisor Suzie Warhurst for a bit of R&R in Byron Bay before heading back for the Logies awards.

Simone Jade Mackinnon is off to Vancouver to see boyfriend, actor Jason Momoa. The pair recently holidayed in New Zealand where they took the plunge… going bungee jumping together. How very romantic, that was.

And we hear Bridie Carter has taken to motherhood like a “duck to water”.

Seems little Otis Carter Wilson is an angel - sleeping well and, of course, oh so cute. Lovely touch, too, with his mum’s surname as his middle name. Still no word though when Bridie will be heading back to Drover’s.

April 14, 2005
Adelaide Confidential