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Rachael Carpani and Suzie Warhurst

Rachael Carpani and Suzie Warhurst.

Goodbye Rach...

IT WAS a day of goodbyes for the McLeod's Daughters cast and crew yesterday. Two of the show's "old and faithfuls", Rachael Carpani and hair and make-up artist Suzie Warhurst finished up, as the show closed for a season break.

As emotions ran high, it was a long day for the team. It was not only filming the usual scenes, but doing title shots and fan cards for next season.

"There's excitement for everybody. They're all on a break. Rach and I are just on a longer one," Suzie says.

Suzie started with the show in 2001 and has learnt a lot, including how to ride a horse.

"I was terrified of horses when I started, and I didn't know how to use a computer, but the gang taught me."

She'll now do freelance work and has already been asked to do cast member Zoe Naylor's wedding next year and Logies make-up work.

September 30, 2006
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Abi Tucker

Abi Tucker.

... Welcome Abi Tucker

SHE may be the new face of McLeod's Daughters, but Abi Tucker made her mark early by joining cast and crew's farewell celebrations at the Garage Bar last night.

She'll be part of the team when they resume filming, but there is still a lot of speculation about her role.

Rumour has it she'll play the "last McLeod", but we're not sure how that works. We'll keep you posted.

September 30, 2006
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