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Dustin to fly high in 'new' role

FANS of McLeod's Daughters will see a whole new side to Dustin Clare this week.

The Drovers Run heart-throb will appear on the ABC in a three-part series as legendary Australian World War II pilot Charles Kingsford Smith.

"It was filmed two years ago," Dustin says.

"I did it after I got out of the WAAPA (Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts)."

Dustin, who leaves McLeod 's on June 20, will be almost unrecognisable too, sporting blond hair and blue eyes for the role.

He says the reason it has been a while for the series to hit our screens is because there are a lot of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and archival footage in the series.

"Looking back now, I've learned so much (about acting)," Dustin admits.

He says he was thrilled to portray the iconic pilot: "With this story, there's such a vast content. But it's a great summary of the aviation industry.

"Charles Kingsford Smith was like a rock star in his time, a historical identity that I'd love to revisit."

Dustin says it isn't his sole foray into aviation.

"I did a short feature straight after it," he says.

See Dustin in Air Australia , Thursday, 8.30pm on ABC-TV.

May 29, 2007
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