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Departing daughters

CHANGE is afoot at Drovers Run.

We've already revealed McLeod's Daughters stars Brett Tucker and Rachael Carpani are leaving the show, but we hear rumours new cast member (and girlfriend of Aaron Jeffery) Michelle Langstone has been dumped for series seven.

But here's where things get interesting.

Talk around the set is that Aaron is considering pulling up stumps himself, and would move back to Sydney with her and commute to Adelaide for filming.

With Michelle's character, Fiona, the current love interest of the show's now leading man, Alex (let's not forget Myles Pollard and Bridie Carter have also left the show), it's not too hard to join the dots and realise Stevie looks set to finally get her man in the coming series. Fair enough too, after all the years of unrequited love, it would be a nice way to finish up the show (assuming there is no series eight).

Rumours continue to fly that McLeod's producers and many of the actors never imagined the series would be commissioned for another year, but with the failure of The Alice, Channel 9 was left with no choice but to keep going with the Freeling-based drama.

We asked Michelle about leaving the show and she said she couldn't comment. That was "couldn't", so we're pretty sure that means it's true.

Of course, Rachael is still not confirming her departure either - all she will say is she's "coming back for pre-production" for series seven, just like everyone else.

June 10, 2006
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