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McLeod's Daughter to release album

Actor turned singer Lisa Chappell could have gone with a major label to put out her first album, but instead opted for an independent release.

The 37-year-old, best known for playing Claire McLeod on TV drama McLeod's Daughters, has spent much of the past two years recording her debut album.

Rick Price produced the album, which will be released on May 1.

"It is completely independent," explained Chappell of the self-titled offering.

"It is credit cards and loans ... occasionally I wake up at four in the morning and have a sweat about that but it has been great being your own boss and creating something from scratch and having it done the way you want to have it done."

Chappell was courted by a major record label two years ago, at the time she was leaving McLeod's Daughters and was also up for a TV Week Logie Award.

"I could have had an album out within four months but it wouldn't have been my writing," said the Australian-based New Zealander.

"They would have styled me the way they wanted me styled. They would have controlled me and they would have owned it. It wouldn't have been my album two years later, this is my album."

Chappell describes her music as modern folk.

"It is contemporary folk, heavily influenced by the classic 60s and 70s songwriters," she said.

"Although there is a hint of country there, I have got to confess."

The album will be distributed by MGM and will also be sold on Chappell's online site,

"You can make a great project and unless you can let people know about it, it is going to be Christmas presents for the next 20 years for your family," she said of the difficulty in getting her music heard.

Having a bigger label would have made life easier but, she said: "My stuff is a little bit dodgy for them."

"They would have to take a risk and so far I am the only one that is prepared to do that."

Chappell this week makes her return to Australian television.

She plays a major role, alongside Claudia Karvan and Rebecca Gibney, in the Ten Network telemovie Small Claims: The Reunion.

  • Small Claims: The Reunion will air on the Ten Network on Sunday, April 16, at 8.30pm.

April 15, 2006
AAP via Sydney Morning Herald