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Jonny Pasvolsky

Jonny Pasvolsky at the cricket.

Dark-horse Jonny joins Drovers Run

INTRODUCING the newest member of the McLeod’s Daughters gang, Jonny Pasvolsky.

The Sydney actor slipped into town before Christmas to take on the role of Rob Shelton.

And proving he is already getting among the local action, he was out and about at the cricket yesterday.

While Jonny is keeping tight-lipped about his character (who won’t hit our screens until mid-year) he can say “he’s a nice guy with a dark past”.

Hmmm, sounds a lot like Craig McLachlan’s role last season, but as one cricket fan points out, “he’s much better looking than Craig McLachlan”.

Filming resumed on the drama this month after several weeks off over the festive period.

The 28-year-old (that may not in fact be his age, he was a little cagey about divulging it) is fresh from performing in the Lovers at Versaille at the Sydney Opera House, where he won a “young performer on the way” Glug award.

In fact, he heads back there on Tuesday to accept the award.

“I’m really excited, I’ve never won anything before,” he says.

Well actually, that’s not quite true, he did win a seafood tray at Byron Bay once.

“But that was different, I needed that because I didn’t have any food,” he laughs.

He has moved over to Adelaide for the McLeod’s gig.

“It’s small,” he says with a grin of the City of Churches.

“But it’s a nice break from Sydney, which can be really full-on sometimes.” So what’s he been up to, any sightseeing?

“I’ve just been working,” he says.

“Oh, and I bought a car.

“A big, old one.”

January 27, 2005
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