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Bridie Carter and Craig Monley

Bridie Carter and Craig Monley

Dancing queen Carter hopes to be back on TV soon

Actress Bridie Carter cha-cha-ed off Australian screens last night after being crowned the champion of Dancing With The Stars 2007.

But she hopes it won’t be long until she is lighting up the small screen again.

The morning after beating comedian Anh Do to take out the Seven Network dancing competition, Carter was tired but happy.

“(I’m) exhausted and ecstatic and excited and amazed. Pretty happy, actually - very happy,” she told AAP.

“My husband and I didn’t get home too late, actually, but I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited and you’re so amped after the show and you’re buzzing.

“We were talking about it all and going, remember when it first started and who would have thought. It’s just been such an amazing time for me.”

Carter and her partner Craig Monley received rave reviews from all four judges for each of her three performances of the night, including perfect scores for two of them.

Despite the impressive showing, Carter wasn’t confident of winning.

“I never, ever took it for granted, even though Craig and I scored really well throughout the series,” she said.

“I never took it for granted, because you just never know what will happen.

“Anh is the most gorgeous man ... and I think he’s a wonderful entertainer and I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to be in the final with.”

Carter is best known for playing Tess McLeod for five years on the recently axed Nine Network drama McLeod’s Daughters.

Though she left the show two years ago after the birth of her son Otis, the 36-year-old said she was sad to hear it would end.

“McLeod’s Daughters - I was in the first scene ever shot and it was an incredible story and a wonderful series,” she said.

“So to be at the very fruition of that and to journey with it for five years... (cattle station) Drover’s Run will always be in my heart.

“So there is sadness, even though I left two years ago, knowing that it’s going to come to an end. There is a sadness there.”

Carter will now head home to Byron Bay for a rest, after 11 weeks away with the show.

She won’t give away anything about her plans beyond that, but hints that she will be back on television soon.

“I hope to be back in people’s lounge rooms again next year,” she said.

“But you’ll have to wait and see.”

November 28, 2007