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City boy's lesson in country life

AS CAMERON, the single jock in Last Man Standing, Matt Passmore was renowned for his inability to understand the complexities of the opposite sex.

Passmore, who has built a loyal female following since appearing in a commercial that shows his pants disappearing down an aeroplane toilet, is happy to report he'll be causing more grief for the ladies as metrosexual Marcus Turner in McLeod's Daughters.

Turner has found an instant rival in the form of Alex (Aaron Jeffery).

"My character tries to get a leg up on anything that moves," Passmore says, with a laugh. "Marcus and Alex are two alpha males going up against each other. Marcus fights so hard to be his own man."

Turner is a talented athlete and businessman whose life hits the skids when his drinking, fighting and womanising ruins his sporting career.

"He's a city boy who's had a little bit of country experience, but the stakes for him are incredibly high - he has to prove himself," Passmore says.

Off screen, Passmore is a Brisbane-raised city boy with little experience of life on the land. As a result, he's had several embarrassing moments on the McLeod's set.

"One of the first times on set we had to gun a car down the hill, and I had to gun it out of shot," he laughs.

"I was on the hill and because there was sleet, I went into a downhill slide and turned sideways.

"I was looking back saying to Aaron, 'I'm cool, I'm cool'. Then I hit a rock and bang! In front of the whole new crew and cast, over I went."

Away from the set, Passmore has settled into life in Adelaide and dates Rachael Carpani, who plays Jodi.

February 21, 2007