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McLeod's changing faces

IT was on this day, August 8, 2001, that Channel 9 premiered a new prime-time drama - McLeod's Daughters.

Six years on the SA-made and Logie award-winning show has become a huge success for the network.

Simmone Jade Mackinnon, who plays the feisty Stevie Hall, has become the longest-serving cast member.

"I came on at episode 71, the end of series three," she says. "I've worked with every main character bar Jess Napier."

She's not surprised by the show's success, or it's longevity.

"It's one of a kind. Popular throughout the world, and has become almost iconic here in Australia," she says.

With the recent departure of Rachael Carpani, there are no longer any original cast members on the show.

"It's sad to see them leave," Simmone says.

"But it brings an excitement because you know they're going to be replaced.

I still keep in touch with everyone.

Simmone says the experience of shooting in the middle of paddocks is unique, and tough.

"I love it. I love SA," she says.

McLeod's Daughters screens at 7.30 tonight.

August 08, 2007
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