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Rachael Carpani

Carpani chases US fame

Mcleod's Daughters star Rachael Carpani is to leave the high-rating drama to chase fame in the US.

Carpani, who plays Jodi Fountain-McLeod, the last daughter of Jack McLeod in the series, has landed a role opposite Janeane Garofalo in a new legal drama.

The show is by producer Barry Schindel, executive producer of both Numb3rs and Law & Order.

It is believed the new series, which has yet to be given a name, is a reworking of his 2003 pilot Law Dogs and will follow the lives and careers of a group of attorneys working in a public defender's office.

Garofalo will play "a quirky, sassy head of the public defender's office who bears the scars of having made it in what is essentially a man's world" while Carpani will be a member of her staff, Hollywood reports say.

The pilot will be shot in the US in the next month and, if it is successful, Carpani could move there permanently.

"We think it's fantastic for Rachael to get this opportunity," said McLeod's Daughters executive producer Karl Zwicky.

"She started as a very green actress with a lot of natural talent who has evolved into a consumate professional and a great character on the show."

Given the capricious nature of the pilot system, in which dozens of series are trialled and only a few made, Zwicky has left the way open for Carpani's return, but said he believed she would do "spectacularly well".

Carpani's character was elevated to official daughter status through a twisted plot device after McLeod's Daughters lost a string of high-profile characters in recent years including Bridie Carter and Lisa Chappell, who were the show's eponymous daughters.

January 7, 2007
Sydney Morning Herald