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Zoe Naylor ... to marry in the Hunter Valley.

Bubbly event at end of the Run

FROM one wine region to another, it seems McLeod's Daughters beauty Zoe Naylor, just can't get enough of the countryside.

The bubbly brunette, who has officially ended her stint on Drovers Run, will wed her sweetheart James Noother on May 12 in the Hunter Valley.

But being less than a week after television's night of nights - the Logies - she's finding it hard to draw a crowd of fellow fillies.

Rumour has it only Simmone Jade MacKinnon and Michala Banas will be making the trek to New South Wales for the nuptials, despite the whole cast being invited.

Both events are during filming of McLeod's, so the stars are on tight schedules making travel difficult.

Word is spreading that Zoe, in typical Aussie drama style, has sold exclusive rights to her wedding photos to a woman's magazine.

She hasn't had any substantial work since leaving McLeod's. Cash for comment is one way to cover the wedding.

April 16, 2007
The Advertiser