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 Bridie Carter and her son Otis

Motherhood: Bridie Carter and her son Otis

Bridie's at home in her new role

MCLEOD'S Daughters fans may want to don Drizabones to watch the episode in which the much-loved Tess McLeod farewells Drovers Run, because there are sure to be creeks of tears shed across the country.

The episode will air in early May, but Tess's alter ego, Bridie Carter, actually finished work on the internationally successful show last year.

Carter, who shows off her Byron Bay home in the April issue of OK! magazine, says that professionally, it was time to move on.

"I've done this show for nearly five years, and most people, especially in high-pressure jobs 70 hours a week, intense working schedules, being away from home only stay three to five years," she told OK!

"But I still love my character, Tess, to bits. She was an absolute gift."

Carter says she found saying goodbye to her co-workers extremely difficult, particularly her horse, Oscar, whose real name is Beau.

The stunning actress, who rose to fame with a Cherry Ripe commercial, is loving her latest role, as mother to her one-year-old son, Otis.

"No one can tell you the experience you will have becoming a parent," she says. "It just gets better each day."

A return to acting is on the cards, however.

"After working solidly for five years, I was exhausted," Carter says.

"Being an actor is a giving job. I need a pool of emotions to draw on and to be physically strong to perform, and all of that was gone.

"In the same breath, I'm absolutely excited about my next endeavour. I can't wait to step into another character's shoes."

By Stephen Corby
March 26, 2006
The Sunday Telegraph