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Bridie Carter

Bridie Carter on the set of McLeod's Daughters says it's time to leave.

Bridie leaves the farm but Tess stays on

ORIGINAL McLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter is leaving the farm for good.

Carter, who gave birth to son Otis in March, is currently filming series six, which will air next year.

Carter plays Tess McLeod - sister of the late Claire McLeod (played by Lisa Chappell, who left the show in 2003).

Carter leaves filming in a month, while the character of Tess will not depart the series until April.

Carter, who lives near Byron Bay, NSW, with husband Michael, feels it is time to move her career on.

It’s understood her baby and the long-distance commuting from NSW to South Australia contributed to her decision.

Another McLeod’s original Myles Pollard - who was Tess’s husband Nick - left the show early this year. McLeod’s executive producer Karl Zwicky says Tess’s final scenes will surprise viewers.

He is confident about the future of McLeod’s Daughters, which is filmed near Gawler, saying: “The essence of McLeod’s Daughters has actually been greater than any single character.

“It’s about women working on the land and how they relate to each other and the environment around them.

“There will be new characters coming through and we’ve got some fantastic younger cast members stepping up to the mark,” he says, citing Zoe Naylor and Luke Jacobz.

“We’ve got a really strong run of stories, particularly until the end of this year.

“We’re very confident.”

By Simon Yeaman
August 30, 2005
The Advertiser