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Brett finds a holiday job

WHY is it always the nice ones who leave?

McLeod's Daughters spunk and all-round great bloke Brett Tucker is having a break to take to the stage. Brett will perform with John Waters in the thriller The Woman in Black - which will tour nationally, but start its season in Sydney.

He begins rehearsals as soon as McLeod's hits its annual holiday in June/July, but the play will take Brett through to the end of October, meaning he is unsure whether he will return to the Logie-nominated show.

"It's up in the air," he says.

He knows many actors would give a limb (or two) for a role on Australia's best drama, but feels the time is right to try something new. "You can't go on doing the same thing forever," he says. "You have to give things a go. But I haven't done theatre for years, so I'm s...ting myself."

It'll be hard to leave Drovers Run, especially when he gets such glamorous jobs as these: "I got to stick my hand up a cow's bum last week," he laughs (it's not what you think - he plays vet Dave Brewer on the show).

April 07, 2006
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