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Rachael Carpani

Actor Rachael Carpani rumoured to be leaving TV program McLeod's Daughters.

Another star walks from Drovers Run

IT'S a joke on the McLeod's Daughters set - they've even had T-shirts made. Since the departure of original "daughters" Bridie Carter and Lisa Chappell, cheeky crew members have suggested re-naming Channel 9's hit drama, McLeod's Cousins, or even People who know the McLeods.

The joke may become reality as the show's star Rachael Carpani, who has been written in as the "secret" McLeod's daughter to compensate for Bridie and Lisa's absence, now looks set to leave Drovers Run.

Rachael, who hails from Sydney, has not signed on for series seven and is believed to be returning to the Harbour City in June/July. She declined to comment to (Confidential) on her departure.

While we'll be sad to see her go, it is understandable - Rach has been on the show since 2001 and her family has just moved back from the U.S.

It's a further blow to the show, with Brett Tucker also taking time out to tour nationally in a play - while he may return to McLeod's, it seems unlikely.

May 06, 2006
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