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Rachel Carpani

Rachel Carpani… Acting “slowly took over”.

‘Accidental’ actress

With the end of non-ratings television about to draw to a close, we can look forward to the return of our favourite programs.

Exposure’s Cassie Milner caught up with 23-year-old Rachel Carpani, who plays Jodi on the hit television series McLeod’s Daughters to ask what is in store for her character, and find out a bit more about what Rachel likes to do when she is not acting.

CM: How did you get into acting?

RC: It sounds like a cliche by I fell into it by accident. I never planned to be an actor, it was always meant to be a hobby on the side. I had an agent so I could do things after school and slowly it took over.

CM: What were you like when you were at school?

RC: I was bored with school until Year 11. I kinda mucked around and coasted through, but I changed schools for Year 11 and 12, and the school was smaller and more competitive and it hit me all of a sudden so I settled down. My parents pulled me aside and told me to get it together and I became a hermit and did lots of work. I was always getting in trouble for saying outrageous things—I was definitely the loudest, but I was also shy so being loud was a cover up.

CM: Your character on McLeod’s Daughters wants to be rich and famous. Did you aspire to be a star as you were growing up?

RC: When I would look in magazines when I was little I’d say ‘Oh look at that’ and think the movie stars and celebrities were great. But when I was in Year 8 I sat down with my mum and said to her ‘Don’t worry I won’t do it (acting) full-time, there is no job security.’ My mum thought I was an odd child. But I knew the reality of acting and decided not to take it too seriously.

CM: What do you like to do aside from acting?

RC: I haven’t got a lot of time, but I love dirt bike racing and had a few motorbikes when I was growing up. I also love skiing—my parents live in Pittsburg (in the United States of America) and they are trying to turn me into a good skier. I also like normal boring things, and my first priority is definitely sleep.

CM: What sort of music do you listen to?

RC: I have this eclectic thing going on. I’m obsessed with Jack Johnson and Ben Harper at the minute. Every now and then I’ll start to listen to just one style of music—I was into Eminem for ages, and Jet, and at the moment I’ve been listening to nothing but hip hop because I’ve been in the United States. The basic rule is anything that can help me relax.

CM: Do you have any advice for young people who are interested in acting?

RC: Put all you’ve got into it, but at the same time keep something else that you’re good at and want to do to fall back on. Acting comes and goes so it is important to have something to strive for when it disappears.

CM: What is happening on the show this year?

RC: Jodi finally gets a love interest which is good. There is a whole new dynamic—new characters, and we’re going much more into the girls on horses, fires, and lots of action scenes. We went into a very domestic stage last year, with a baby and lots going on inside the house, so this year we are pushing further out.

By Cassie Milner
February 03, 2004
Shepparton News