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Aaron may make eight

THERE are claims he's quit, but McLeod's Daughters producers are still hopeful of talking him round for next series.

The sole remaining original cast member of the SA-based hit, Aaron Jeffery, is taking time out from the hit Channel 9 drama at present filming New Zealand TV show Outrageous Fortune in Kiwi-Land.

Executive Producer Karl Zwicky says Aaron will be returning to the Freeling set of McLeod's next month to shoot episodes that will take his character, Alex Ryan, through to the end of this year's series seven.

Karl reckons negotiations for series eight are still in the very early stages, with all cast, and that Aaron will be approached to sign on.

Although his comment about Aaron "appearing in various forms in episodes", does have us confused does that mean he gets killed off and appears as a ghost or in dream sequences? Meanwhile, talk that Aaron is seeing La Femme Nikita star Peta Wilson, is rubbish according to the lady in question.

"All these reports are interfering with my real love life Aaron and I are just mates," Peta says.

April 24, 2007
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