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Myles and Bridie

TV wedding: Myles Pollard and Bridie Carter toast the wedding of their McLeod's Daughters characters.

100 reasons for wedding

A marriage will mark a milestone in a much-loved series

KERRY Packer’s boardroom at Channel 9 in Sydney was turned into a wedding reception for a day.

The occasion was to celebrate 100 episodes of one of Nine’s long-running hits, McLeod’s Daughters, and, in particular, the long-awaited wedding between the characters played by Bridie Carter and Myles Pollard.

The boardroom on Friday was full of rose petals.

Carter, who lives in Byron Bay, is pregnant with her first child to husband Michael Wilson.

After the function, Carter flew back to Byron for a week, as McLeod’s Daughters is in a production break.

“This show has been an incredible journey,” she said.

The sexual tension between Carter and Pollard’s characters, Tess and Nick, had existed since episode three and producers thought the 100th episode was the perfect opportunity for a wedding.

Pollard said that before the romance developed, he was in the background on set in South Australia and had a lot of time to work on his golfing handicap.

“The irony is now that we are together, I have to work for a living,” he said.

The wedding will be screened on Wednesday week.

October 04, 2004
The Herald Sun