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Legacy of the Silver Shadow

Group photo The Silver Shadow

Josh, Alex, Campbell and Gretel, are exploring an abandoned factory when the floor gives way beneath them and they fall into a vast underground laboratory; the secret base of a real live dead superhero. The Silver Shadow.

A mighty champion of justice, the Silver Shadow waged a one man battle against crime throughout the 1950’s, until his arch enemy, the Crab, wiped him out. Now all that remains is his forgotten arsenal, and a recording of the Silver Shadow’s mind—an electronic ghost—stored in an ancient computer… Waiting to be reactivated.

That day has dawned. The monochrome screen sparks to life and the Shadow’s artificial face appears, frowning. Children? After 40 years, he’s been revived by children?

While across town, the Crab, now elderly and wheelchair-bound, begins to train his grand-daughter Fiona to take over his evil empire and bring his plans for world domination to fruition.

The Shadow sighs. Even superheroes can’t be choosers, and with the Crab at large, they may be the world’s only hope. Will they join him in his battle against evil and injustice? Will they become superheroes? The kids agree, and the Silver Shadow’s new team is born. Ordinary students in school, costumed crime-fighters outside, they take on the Legacy of the Silver Shadow.