The Lost Treasure of Fiji: episode guide

Game On

Episode 01
February 12, 2007

Tyler Bradden is a gaming champion and enjoys playing the star at a convention on Fiji, where a new virtual reality sword-fight game against pirates captain Blackheart is to be presented to the public, but snooty Alison just won't admire him 'only solving mysteries impresses' while Tyler's kid brother Marty, an incorrigible scamp who feels neglected and out-staged, pulls mercilessly clever pranks to embarrass Tyler, who was forced to drag the brat along by their absent parents. Marty even downloaded cheat-codes to defeat Tyler at the new game, but when he slips in to try them on the showcase gaming cage, accidentally breaks the machine till it creates a vortex which ends up swallowing him straight to the pirate's ship. When Tyler, who failed to pull terror-screaming Marty out, types at random himself, he, the non-admirer and her native girlfriend Kirra are swallowed by a second vortex, landing on the Fiji beach, where Polynesian natives bring them to young chief Sol's village. They soon conclude their only hope to get out of the game back to 'their' reality is to win it by getting the villagers' hidden treasure; shameless, smart scamp Marty chooses the pirates' side just to spite Tyler, and the weapons feel terribly real.


Episode 02

Sol evicts Tyler's trio from the native village, fearing they might be pirate spies, so they penetrate the island, looking for a place to camp, till they find a shipwreck on the beach, but it's haunted by the taunting ghost Salty Jim, who won't let them go unless they win a tricked cards guessing game... Marty tries to take Dugal's place as pirate captain Blackheart's right hand by tricking the cook to steal his tourist map, but is found out — the liar is to 'walk the plank' after the map is tested.


Episode 03

Tyler's trio as well as Marty and Blackheart's pirate crew each desperately continue the treasure hunt, searching for the real map in parts scattered over the island. Tyler has the hardest time with traitorous Lily, Marty is the one who solves a riddle from ghost Salty Ben, originally a tip given to Tyler, for the dangerously impatient pirates team.

Without Paddles

Episode 04

Captain Blackbeard has a surprise for Marty: big brother Tyler is captured and chained, but refuses to talk about the treasure; Lily offers to torture him, but Marty says Tyler is too tough and proud but proposes to trick him, which nearly succeeds by promising to escape together. When Tyler sees trough his ploy and refuses to play anymore, Marty who only learned the map is in three pieces lets his brother go, risking to be executed for failing while sleepy Dugal gets the blame for Tyler's escape. Tyler can disappear on the one of the village's only two canoes which his girls won the use of by cheating at a paddling race against chief Sol and Jonas.

Secrets and Lies

Episode 05
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Grant Brown

Tyler's trio plays the two Salty's individual pride against each-other to trick them into telling about the treasure. Blackheart takes Marty's advice to negotiate with Sol rather then raid his village as Lily suggests, only he leaves the 'most precious source of information' safely on board with Lily to 'baby-sit' him, in her nasty mind that means meanly forcing him to mop the whole ship and even dance for her entertainment. After Sol proves too noble and justifiably suspicious to tell, the pirates' plan B is forcing him anyhow. Thus both teams learn the crucial part of the treasure is an Egyptian Pharaoh's magical orb. Sol uses a trap to knock out Blackheart, who suffers amnesia, leaving Lily free to turn on Marty.


Episode 06
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Grant Brown

Tyler's team is blackmailed to tell the pirates the whereabouts of the treasure map in return for the antidote to the poison Lily used on Allison. Not willing to give in the Lily, Tyler ventures across the island in search of a healer in hopes he can cure Allison. Marty searches for the person who has made Blackheart sick.


Episode 07
Written by Simon Butters
Directed by Grant Brown

Following the Salty duo's cryptic clues to search 'deep within' for the second part of the treasure map, Alison and Kirra venture into the dangerous enchanted forest. The girls begin to argue when they become lost but soon realise the challenge they must overcome before they are able to retrieve the next piece of the treasure map. On board the pirate ship, Dugal prevents Marty from warning Blackheart about Lily's impending mutiny until it's too late. Lily has seized command and forces Marty to swear loyalty on his knees or be put overboard alongside Blackheart and Dugal. Marty's fate on board seems no more enviable after he does so having created an enemy in Blackheart.

Cross and Doublecross

Episode 08
Written by Chris Anastassiades
Directed by Grant Brown

Marty convinces mutineer 'captain' Lily to relieve him of cabin boy duty (endless chores and knife target practice — with the boy as target) to retrieve the first piece of the treasure map from his brother Tyler. Blackheart and Dugal manage to row ashore but are imprisoned as war criminals in Sol's village. Tyler convinces Alison and Kirra that he knows his kid brother best and starts to appreciate his Marty's cunning, a prize Marty really craves, but after an encounter with an impatient Lily and overhearing Tyler telling Alison that he still considers Marty a 'mere' kid, doubt sneaks back. The Salty duo reveals another problem about the map.


Episode 09

The village holds its annual tournament for the title of bravest worrier. Cocky Tyler needs to show off by entering; it's a series of elimination tests, which only he and Sol pass — even the torturous bites of fire beetles. Finally they must swim to a marker and dive a marked stone and it bring back up. Then the pirates' ship turns up and fires; 'Captain' Lilly allowed Marty to learn the artillerist job from Canonball Bob as a reward for bringing the second piece of the map, and now orders the kid to prove his marksmanship on his own brother! But Marty he uses his acquired skill to sabotage the shot, and is ordered into irons indefinitely while Tyler is honoured.


Episode 10
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Grant Brown

Lily has thrown Marty in irons, but he manages to get out a 'help!' message in a bottle which Tyler finds. Marty then stirs the mutineer crew against Lily for her lack of results; he even forges the two map pieces in fresh ink so she'll loose credibility. Tyler decides the only way to free Marty is to help Blackheart and Dugal escape so long as they promise to release Marty. While trying to free them, Tyler and Alison are surprised by chief Sol and thrown into the cage as well. Kirra refuses to betray Sol's trust, but Henry's gifts come in handy. Blackheart makes Lily walk the plank and gives the kids a boat to leave, but he doesn't make their journey an easy one.

Drum Roll

Episode 11
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Grant Brown

When chief Sol announces the gods will give a sign during the Festival of the Drum to celebrate the village's bounty, Allison believes it must be a clue to the last piece of the treasure map. Convinced the clue lies within the sacred drum, which was made from a lightning-struck tree and which only Sol may approach to play, Allison abuses gentle Henry's feelings to sneak off into the jungle with it. The drum is destroyed but the final piece of the map is found. The Salty Bens warn Allison not to assemble the three map pieces if they've not been properly acquired but she ignores their plee and as a consequence, loses the map to her enemy — Blackheart. With the complete map now in his hands, Blackheart is saved from mutiny and leads his men ashore in search of the treasure of treasures. Meanwhile, the game falters, causing electric disturbances across the islandand in Henry's body. While Allison and Sol contruct a new drum, Tyler makes plans to steal the map from Blackheart when the pirates land.

Unholy Alliance

Episode 12
Written by
Directed by

Lily gets her hands on the map and goes in search of the treasure with Tyler. The pair form a reluctant alliance to fend off Blackheart and his men. Tyler, Alison, and Kirra run up against the taboos of Sol's tribe as they try to rescue Tyler.©tzuk


Episode 13
Written by Chris Roache
Directed by Grant Brown

Tyler and the pirates are trapped underground and are running out of air. Marty and the girls solve a series of puzzles to open the entrance and obtain the Orb of Osiris. However, the pirates are lurking nearby and Lily is able to steal the orb, stabbing Kirra before making her escape. Henry finally persuads Sol to brave the taboo and go after their friends. Tyler pursues Lily and watches as she is engulfed by quicksand. Returning with the orb, Tyler unlocks its power to heal Kirra. Marty comes up with a daring theory on how to end the game and get back to reality. As the pirates close in, Tyler smashes the orb and the four friends are finally able to return home, arrives just a few moments after they left — but one more challenge awaits...