Les Norton: episode guide

You Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids


Episode 1
Sun, August 04, 2019
525,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Morgan O'Neill
Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse

Les Norton is a country bloke who blows into Sydney on the run from a troubled past. He gets a job as a bouncer at an illegal casino and finds himself dragged into a web of underground criminality.

Starring: Alexander Bertrand as Les Norton, Kate Box as Lauren "Lozza" Johnson, Hunter Page-Lochard as Billy Dunne, Pallavi Sharda as Georgie Burman, Syd Zygier as Const. Emily Gold, Steve Le Marquand as Sgt Ray "Thumper" Burrell, Justin Rosniak as Eddie Salita, David Wenham as Price Galese, Rebel Wilson as Doreen Bognor

With: Angus Sampson as The Narrator, Stephen Peacocke as Murray "Muzza" Norton, Daryl Colquhoun as Bishop, Luke Davis as Teen, Mike Duncan as Biker, David Hunt as Police Commissioner, Stuart Katzen as Murphy, Nem Logan as Jasmin, Kyran Lynch as Teen, Nick McKinless as Bald Biker, Apinya Nantanon as Preeda, Tim Parsons as Biker, Keawalee Phumprueksa as Dao, Luke Quinton as Fat Biker, Ian Roberts as Danny "Foghorn" McCormick, Kyle Rowling as Pony Tail Biker, Ryan Tarran as Shelby, Stephanie Beck as Skateboarder, Jackie Murray as Dao Double, Phil Partridge as Thumper Double, Phil Partridge as Les Double



Episode 2
August 11, 2019
436,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Morgan O'Neill
Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse

After a bomb is discovered under the bonnet of Price's prized Rolls Royce, the Kelly Club crew are on high alert and Les goes from doorman to muscle for Sydney's Mr Big, and he's not happy about it.

With: Angus Sampson as The Narrator, Milly Alcock as Sian, Aidan Gillett as Wrongside, Aaron Glenane as Tony Levine, Kell Graham as Sir Kenneth, Benhur Helwend as Arthit, Jean Hinchliffe as Pia Galese, David Hunt as Justice Short, Alex Jewson as Shifty, Rhys Muldoon as The Minister, Alistair Munroe as Photographer, Susan Prior as Chenille, Ian Roberts as Danny "Foghorn" McCormack, Georgie Blackwell as Chenille Double, Stan Veniminov as Wrongside Double, Georgie Blackwell as Patron, Andy Clarke as Patron, Xanthia Marinelli as Patron,

Bowen Lager


Episode 3
August 18, 2019
389,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Morgan O'Neill
Directed by David Caesar

When Lozza needs a replacement actor for her big beer commercial, Les finds himself in the spotlight. The identity of the woman gunning for Price is revealed.

With: Angus Sampson as The Narrator, Stephen Peacocke as Murray "Muzza" Norton, Trevor Ashley as Ruben (Make-Up Artist), Erin Bruce as Hotel Clerk, Rowan Chapman as Baden Bender, Kieran Clancy-Lowe as Hobo (Director), Anthony Clayton as Balding Waiter, Pip Edwards as A.D., Rob Flanagan as Colin, John Harding as Bevan Bender, Greg Hatton as Boofhead The Grip, Brett Heath as Publican, Benhur Helwend as Arthit, Bianca Jones as Elaine, Ali Kadhim as Bad Ass Thai #2, Daniel Krige as Referee — Steve Clarke, Jordan Le Goueff as Bruce Bender, Oscar Lin as Writer, Toru Moriya as Japanese Man, Eddie Niravong as Bad Ass Thai #3, Phil Partridge as Blayne Bender, Jumbo Pengthong as Bad Ass Thai #1, Dennis Ridewood as Malcolm, Mia Evans Rorris as April (Runner), Jack Singleton as Ad Guy, Liam Soden as Actor, Jack Wetere as Tank, Cory Beeston as Pub Goer, Kerry Blaxeman as Maori, Sebastian Dickins as Concreter 3, Mark Duncan as Concreter 2, Dion Gleeson as Pub Goer, Sean Hartnett as Concreter 6, Peter Hill as Pub Goer, Neal Horton as Concreter 5, Rhys James as Concreter 4, Steve Morris as Concreter 1, Gulliver Page as Bikie, Phil Partridge as Les Double, Phil Partridge as Bevan Double

The Boys from Binjiwunyawunya

Episode 4
August 25, 2019
Written by
Directed by

Les and Billy help Price deal with an unusual property problem using unusual means. Les is finding his rising fame a liability.