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TV hornbags running out of honk

FOUNTAIN Lakes hornbags Kath and Kim may be lost to television forever.

Despite a movie offer, increasing overseas sales of the program and a multimillion-dollar merchandising bonanza, Kath & Kim creators Jane Turner and Gina Riley are undecided about their future.

“I don’t want to play Kath for the rest of my life,” Turner said.

“Maybe we’re better letting Kath & Kim rest after three seasons. It may be the end.”

Riley admits the pair are taking an extended break while they assess what direction they want to take.

“We’ve got to take time out to think whether we’ve got anything more to say or not,” she said. “We need to think about what we want to do.”

The two suburban mums confess they are drained and need an extended break.

“You finish up stuffed, and a long break would be very nice,” Turner said.

“It’s very much a case of, ‘Can we keep going and keep it (the show) fresh, or do we go off and do something else?”

The ABC will be desperate to entice Turner and Riley to pen a fourth series of the hit sitcom for 2005. This year, the show was viewed by a peak audience of two million a week.

But opposition networks are lurking in the wings. Channel 9’s cinema arm, Nine Films and Television, is eager to launch the couple on the big screen.

“We’d only do it if it felt right creatively,” Turner said.

“We wouldn’t do it just to push the brand and make money.

“That’s so not what Gina and I are about.”

December 18, 2004
The Courier Mail