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Part 2
May 25, 1997 (Seven)
Written by Deborah Cox and Andrew Knight
Directed by Robert Marchand

Back home, Heather is ready for life in a small Australian country town and settles down to raising a family with Macka.

Catherine is working with Simon, photographing the high-class fashion and pop groups. Her seemingly ideal life is far removed from the country town of her birth. She lives on a luxury houseboat on the Thames with Simon's sister, Anne. Catherine has put her old life and dreams behind her.

Richard is still deeply in love with Catherine and a chance meeting leaves him dejected and hurt. There is no place for him in her new life.

London offers Jack a freedom he previously thought impossible. Teaming up with the anti-establishment Terence, the pair flaunt society's conventions, living life to the fullest.


  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Catherine Macaleese
  • John Polson as Richard Turner
  • Rebecca Gibney as Heather Randall
  • Jeremy Sims as Jack Gill
  • Jonathan Firth as Terence Foster-Burrows
  • Jerome Ehlers as Simon Seymour
  • Josephine Byrnes as Ann
  • Alison Whyte as Barbara


  • Kym Gyngell as Spider
  • Susanne Chapman as Sandy
  • Susie Edmonds as Lillian
  • Jan Frazer as Mrs Turner
  • Dennis Miller as Mr Turner
  • Valentina Levkowicz as Mrs Randall
  • Mathew Quartermaine as Macka
  • Geoff Paine as Keith
  • Tim Robertson as Charles Reed
  • Myles Collins as Gordon
  • Larry Hunter-Stewart as Waiter
  • Blake Osborn as Beat Poet
  • Patrick Williams as Colin Dare
  • Michele Williams as Mrs LaFont
  • Michael Carmen as BBC Academic
  • Harriet James as Nurse #1
  • Katrina Champion De Crespigny as Nurse #2
  • Lidia Faranda as Nurse #3
  • Jane Allsop as Cecily
  • Rachel Morris as Girl (Jack's date)
  • Graham Jayne as Young Constable
  • Olivia Ramage as Mod Girl
  • Tim Hughes as Public Prosecutor
  • Peter Stratford as Seymour
  • James Condon as Judge
  • Patsy Martin as Mrs Burrowes
  • Josie Noviella as Mediterranean Woman
  • Hillary Bellew as Heather's 7yo
  • Jeffrey Booth as Minister
  • Roger O'Conner as Mr Randall
  • Bob Franklin as Policeman
  • James Taylor as Court Clerk
  • David McLean as Cabbie
  • David Atkins as Sergeant
  • Sydney Livingstone as Bailiff
  • Katie Carr as Linda