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Episode 1.06

Thu, March 17, 2016
Ratings: 673,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Andrew Knight
Directed by Mark Joffe

On the run from both the police and members of Via Crucis and with nothing left to lose, Jack must rely on his few remaining allies to help uncover the last evidence needed to bring the chilling Via Crucis conspiracy to light, and save his own life in the process. Terrified yet resolved, Linda finally comes face-to-face with her captor.

In memory of our colleague and friend
David Ritchie


  • Guy Pearce as Jack Irish
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Linda Hillier
  • Aaron Pedersen as Cam Delray
  • Roy Billing as Harry Strang
  • Shane Jacobson as Barry Tregear
  • Jacek Koman as Orton
  • Deborah Mailman as Cynthia
  • Damien Richardson as Drew Greer
  • Sacha Horler as Alli Aquaro
  • Damien Garvey as Stan
  • John Flaus as Wilbur
  • Ronald Falk as Norm
  • Terry Norris as Eric
  • Roz Hammond as Sue Shields
  • Robert Morgan as Stedman
  • John Bach as Senator Michael Longmore
  • Grant Piro as Senator Mackie
  • Richard Healy as Jim Cottle
  • Kate Atkinson as Simone
  • David Ritchie as Charlie Taub
  • Alvin Anson as Adonis
  • Richard Cawthorne as Fraser Boyd
  • Osamah Sami as Hadji Adhib
  • Kim Gyngell as Warren Tissot
  • Nathaniel Kelly as Dale Manning
  • Heather Lythe as Stella Strang
  • Ivy Mak as Cherry Blossom
  • JC Movido as Fatma
  • Chris Pace as Jockey
  • Rian Goodge as Hooded Man
  • Lincoln Barros as Hooded Man
  • Slavo Zwirn as Security Guard
  • Chris Paflraman as Security Guard
  • Jillian Murray as Board Member
  • Tom Gutteridge as Board Member
  • John Burgos as Stringer
  • Jacqueline Geelen as Stunt Performer
  • Chris Chalmers as Stunt Performer
  • Marky Lee Campbell as Stunt Performer
  • Jarrah Cocks as Stunt Performer
  • Puven Pather as Stunt Performer
  • Tony Balmonte as Stunt Performer
  • Ronald Asinas as Stunt Performer
  • Jhayne Villorino as Stunt Performer