Produced by Komixx Entertainment and Feisty Dame Productions for the ABC

Executive Producers: Amanda Morrison, Edward Glauser, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Michael Shyjka, Robert Morrison
Executive Producers (ABC): Jan Stradling, Libbie Doherty
Producers: Amanda Morrison, Tania Chambers, Melanie Halsall
Writers: Dan Berlinka, Melanie Halsall, Ron Elliott, Heather Wilson, Jessica Brookman, Roger Monk
Directors: Renée Webster, Nicholas Verso, Tenika Smith

Airing: January 15, 2020... (ABC Me)

A live-action children’s series that tells the adventures of Itchingham Lofte, a science obsessed teenager who pursues an unusual and sometimes dangerous hobby of collecting all the elements on the Periodic Table. When he discovers a new element with extraordinary powers he is forced to go on the run to protect it from a sinister organisation who wants it for its own ends. Adapted from Simon Mayo's novel of the same name. (20x22min)
Samuel IrelandItch
Melanie WozniakJack
Kylah DayLucy
Charles RussellTim
Keala KernChloe
Harrison PoppleDarcy
Henry MendezQuinn
Michael MuntzFlowerdew
Sam LongleyCake
Catherine MooreJude
Ben MortleyNick
Priscilla-Anne JacobRoshanna
Mel GrobLenora (s2)
Warren LyonsLannister (s2)
Rina MousaviMichaels (s2)
Tristan GoreyRogers (s2)
Lauren CampbellBella (s2)
cast photo

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