Produced by AMC Studios with See-Saw Films

Creators/Writers: Warwick Thornton, Brendan Fletcher
Executive Producers: Rachel Gardner, Emile Sherman, Iain Canning
Executive Producers: Warwick Thornton, Brendan Fletcher
Co-Executive Producers: Simon Gillis, Kodie Bedford
Producer: Paul Ranford
Co-Producers: Dena Curtis, Libby Sharpe
Directors: Warwick Thornton, Brendan Fletcher, Tony Krawitz

Airing: Dec 16, 2021 - Feb 03, 2022

Set in a remote desert mining town, a hive for the last vampire stronghold shipped from Britain to Australia in 1788 by the colonial superpower to eradicate the Indigenous populations. Sheltering from the sun in the underground mines and tunnels that surround the town until the present day, the colony’s numbers and hunger is growing. War is coming. Tyson and Shanika stand vanguard to the war. But what hope does an expertly reckless man full of bravado and a 17-year-old orphan possibly have to defeat these vicious blood-thirsty parasites, when legions of warriors before them have failed?
Rob CollinsTyson
Shantae Barnes-CowwanShanika
Callan MulveyVampire King
Yael StoneEleona
cast photo

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