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The Dentist

Episode 2.1
Mon, Mar 20, 1995
Written by Chris Roache, additional material Grant Fraser
Directed by David Evans

Rattus is entering a cheese-eating competition, but when he suffers from toothache, the Ferals must resort to various measures — culminating in having Mixy posing as Rattus — to keep the competition going due to Rattus's fear of the dentist.

With: Murray Bartlett as Dr Brad Ivory

Man's Best Friend

Episode 2.2
Mon, Mar 27, 1995
Written by David Evans
Directed by Di Drew

The Health Inspector pays a surprise visit which can only means one thing — he has come to discover if any Feral animals are currently living on the property, which means trouble for Derryn.

With: Ken Gregory as Health Inspector

A Change is a Good as a Holiday

Episode 2.3
Mon, Apr 3, 1995
Written by Peter Neale
Directed by David Evans

Robbie goes away on a holiday. Wanting to have her flat to themselves for the Winter, the Ferals decide to trick Lenny into going away as well. The problem is — once they are gone — they totally trash the place.

Home Truths

Episode 2.4
Mon, Apr 10, 1995
Written by David Evans
Directed by Di Drew

Robbie and Leonard lock up the Ferals' shed until they can pay to rebuild the damage caused to their flat.

With: Taylor Owynns as 'Fat Cat' voice over

Rent A Pet

Episode 2.5
Mon, Apr 17, 1995
Written by Bert Deling
Directed by Di Drew

When Rattus borrows money from Joe in all the Ferals' names, they are all deep in debt and have to do several jobs to get the money back. Meanwhile, Leonard creates a special Robot and Joe sees this as another get rich quick scheme.

With: Bob Baines as Uncle Frank, Hayden Moore as Kid

Let's Get Physical

Episode 2.6
Mon, Apr 24, 1995
Written by Hilary Bell
Directed by Di Drew


With: John Hannan as Clay, Geoff Barker as Aerobics Instructor

School's Out

Episode 2.7
Mon, May 1, 1995
Written by Moya Sayer-Jones, Ross Nobel
Directed by David Evans

The Ferals must pass an exam or else be sent to School. Luckily Robbie and Leonard are on hand to help them out...

With: Cornelia Frances as Teacher, Sean Masterson as Pats Rattso

Rich and Infamous

Episode 2.8
Mon, May 8, 1995
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by David Evans

Joe's won the lottery of a million dollars, so the Ferals, Robbie and Leonard use this to their advantage to buy stuff in his name, until they find out what he's really won and destroy Joe's new car.

With: Gonzalo Vargas as Gomez

Feral TV

Episode 2.9
Mon, May 15, 1995
Written by David Witt
Directed by David Evans

The Ferals decide to cheat to get on television.

With: Richard Huggett as Scott Scotman, Monica Trapaga and Scott McRae as Special Guests, Ken Bromilow as B1

Mixy Mania

Episode 2.10
Mon, May 22, 1995
Written by Bert Deling
Directed by Di Drew

Robbie has entered Totally Cool's talent competition. But so has Mixy — and she's taped over Robbie's entry! When Mixy ends up winning the competition, the promise of stardom goes to her head, and sets feral against feral in the battle for the spotlight.

With: Kym Wilson as Nikki

Ratty Ratty Bang Bang

Episode 2.11
Mon, May 29, 1995
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by David Evans

Joe has a part time job in a Food warehouse — and he's bringing home the goodies! When it is discovered that a coin-sized terrorist bomb has been planted somewhere in the food, there's mayhem because Rattus is ticking...!

With: Gerry Tacovsky as TV Reporter

Four Ferals and a Wedding

Episode 2.12
Mon, Jun 5, 1995
Written by Tina Matthews, Wendy Gray
Directed by Di Drew

Joe falls in love, but his relationship is complicated by his attempts to keep the Ferals away from the bride

With: Pipa Grandison as Faye

Prime Suspect

Episode 2.13
Mon, Jun 12, 1995
Written by Grant Fraser
Directed by Di Drew

After watching some strange goings on at Robbie and Leonard's flat, Mixy thinks that Robbie is a murderer.

With: Taylor Owynns and Warren Coleman as TV Voice Over

Joe's Army

Episode 2.14
Mon, Jun 19, 1995
Written by Grant Fraser
Directed by David Evans

To get back at the Ferals for stealing a turn in their car, Keith and Kylie take over their favourite rubbish tip. The Ferals turn to Joe (who is currently an army cadet in training) for help, but things get worse when he switches sides, kidnaps Mixy and Kylie steals Leonard's new invention: The Solar Neutronic Integrated Force Field.

Fossil Fools

Episode 2.15
Mon, Jun 26, 1995
Written by
Directed by

When Derryn finds a dinosaur bone buried near the shed, the Ferals decide to open a dinosaur theme park with Joe as their partner. But Joe gets greedy and is determined to find more bones even if it means destroying their home and Robbie and Leonard's flat in the process.