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Cmdr. John Crichton (Ben Browder)

john crichton

The distinction of being a second-generation astronaut came, for Crichton, double-edged. After earning his doctorate in Theoretical Sciences, Crichton spent his time as a scientist/astronaut in his famous father's shadow, always trying to impress and please Jack Crichton, but never forced to scrabble to make a name for himself, since he was born into the legacy without even lifting a finger. When his experimental mission aboard the Farscape One module shot him through a wormhole, Crichton found himself definitely not in Kansas anymore. Here, he was at last forced to call upon the heroic qualities he'd inherited from Dad but had never needed to use. Crichton's natural leadership and decision-making skills make him an important member of Moya's crew; his complete lack of cultural understanding of alien races and technology makes his "heroics" just that much more difficult.

Officer Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black)

aeryn sun

A front-line soldier in the Peacekeeper corps, a grunt, and proud of it. Officer Aeryn Sun is part of the kick-ass Pleisar Regimen—always the first unit in. The more teeth and pincers an enemy has, the more likely Peacekeeper Command will send in the Pleisars.

Aeryn is intensely proud of the fact that she can hold her own among any of her fellow soldiers, male or female. Being trapped here aboard Moya and having to count on non-Peacekeepers for survival goes against her instincts and training.

Being a Peacekeeper (and one of these prisoners' former captors) obviously creates continuing friction between her and them. However as time goes on, her interaction, with Crichton in particular, will lead her to an awareness and compassion that she has never known before.

Ka D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe)

ka d'argo

Huge and powerful, D'Argo was wrongly imprisoned by the Peacekeepers as a scapegoat for the murder of his own Sebacean wife, Lo'Lann. His hatred for the Peacekeepers runs deeper than most, and he lives to reunite with his son, and to avenge the wrongs that have been done him and his family. His experience aboard Moya, and the love and friendship he's seen develop among Moya's crew has taught him patience and understanding… to some degree. His relationship with Zhaan, in particular, has taught him that there is much that's mightier than the sword (or Qualta Blade, his Luxan weapon of choice, half sword, half energy rifle). D'Argo admires Zhaan for this more than he'd ever admit out loud… fortunately, Zhaan can often sense what goes unsaid.

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan (Virginia Hey)


An 812-year-old 10th-level Pa'u (priest), Zhaan was imprisoned for the murder of another Delvian priest—her lover—who she suspected was using his power to lead Delvia astray. Delvians are flora, not fauna, and therefore Zhaan, a plant-evolved being, has extreme reactions to solar energy, and has experienced photogasms—intensely pleasurable experiences—when exposed to solar flares. Additionally, Zhaan knows herbs and herbal medicine intimately, which often gives her the responsibility of doctor and healer aboard Moya.

Chiana (Gigi Edgley)


Chiana's happiest when she has the opportunity to show off her scoundrel skills; she's a thief, a liar, a seductress and a drama queen. But beyond that, she's a very young woman, and often conceals her fears under blustery pseudo-confidence that's plausible maybe fifty percent of the time. Her talents for subterfuge have proved useful on more than one occasion for Moya's crew, but her tendency to be contrary makes her an unlikely team player in crisis situations. Chiana doesn't do what Chiana doesn't want to do, and as a general rule, that's anything that would risk her hide, ruin her reputation, or tear her clothing. Unless of course that's what she was going for.

Dominar Rygel XVI (voiced by Jonathan Hardy)

rygel XVI

The Sixteenth Rygel in a line of Dominars, Rygel was once the ruler of over 600 billion subjects in the Hynerian Empire. A prisoner of the Peacekeepers for over 300 cycles, and now aboard Moya, Rygel still acts like a ruler. Rygel (barely over two feet tall) rarely deigns to stand; instead, he floats about Moya on his ThroneSled, looking down his nose at the other members of the crew, muttering to himself, stealing what looks valuable, and eating whatever will fit in his froglike mouth. With an ornery temper, a tendency to fart helium, an unnecessarily egomaniacal attitude and the notion that everyone should bow to his bidding, Rygel is not the easiest creature to spend time with. Despite all this, Moya's crew has found him to be oddly endearing, and, though it hurts them to say it, he's part of the family, too.

Pilot (voiced by Lani John Tupu)


Pilot is an independent entity, but he operates symbiotically with his Leviathan (Moya), and the upper half of his torso, is the only part of him that is entirely his own. His much larger lower half is made up of neural tentacles which thread through and fuse with Moya's systems. Pilot is, to Moya, some combination of operator, bodyguard and partner. Because of this symbiotic fusing, he knows when she's scared, eager, excited, or sad, and he communicates Moya's thoughts to Crichton and the others. He and Moya are made complete by their ability to serve the members of the crew, but they are in no way obligated to follow the desires or needs of the crew if their own agendas disagree. Pilot is most often polite and respectful to the crew of Moya, but it's clear that his loyalty is to Moya first and the others second.

Scorpious (Wayne Pygram)


Scorpius, a hybrid Scarren-Sebacean, is cold, works for the Peacekeeper military, but only so far as working for them serves his purposes. His single-minded mission: to develop a means to control the creation, and travel possibilities, of the natural space phenomenon known as wormholes. His development of the Aurora Chair was a major coup and he uses it no matter how cruel it might be to his advantage.

Scorpius captured Crichton and probed his memories with the Aurora Chair, at which time he discovered that a race of aliens called the Ancients had implanted information deep within Crichton's mind: the necessary equations for the creation of a wormhole.

When Crichton escaped from the Gammak Base, Scorpius began a relentless pursuit in hopes of recovering the valuable wormhole equations locked in the human's mind.

Captain Bialar Crais (Lani John Tupu)


Bialar Crais was born in a Sebacean farming community, but while still a boy, he and his younger brother Tauvo were wrestled from their family and conscripted against their will into the Peacekeeper military. If you asked Crais what his crusade was, he'd tell you he was bent on avenging the brutal murder of his brother. He'd say that loudly, with gusto and insistence. But Crais knows, in his heart, that Crichton didn't murder his brother on purpose, but having no one to blame is terrifying to Crais. He needs a scapegoat, and Crichton, coupled with the "contaminated Aeryn, fill that role perfectly. Crais' respect for the Peacekeeper mandates is unclear; at times, he's the flagbearer for military tradition; at other times, he's a renegade. Anything that could be construed as a challenge to his authority terrifies him; he despises Scorpius for almost the same reason he despises Crichton. Like Inspector Javert, Crais simply wants the universe to operate by his rules. And only Crais knows what his rules are. Because of this, the motives behind his decision to defect from the Peacekeeper military, and his decision to steal Talyn, remain to be fully revealed.

Stark (Paul Goddard)


Stark is a member of a slave race—the Baniks, who can block their thoughts from others. Discovered by Crichton in a cell on Scorpius' Gammak base, he had already endured two cycles of torture in the Aurora Chair, without letting anyone into his memories. The metal plate he wears over half his face conceals a bright, penetrating glow. By removing it, Stark can share experiences and memories with other, most often doing so to relieve their pain and help them pass into death. He is sensitive to death, able to feel when it is around, and can sometimes see the dead. Not truly corporeal, his body is just a vessel for his real existence, which is on another plane entirely. Luckily so, as it allowed him to survive "dispersal".

Jool (Tammy Macintosh)


Joolushko Tunay Fento Hovalis is a young alien woman of remarkable accomplishment with a fiery temperament to match her visage. Raised in a peaceful star system, Jool attended a rigorous series of universities, raising herself into the "meritocracy". As such, she has, at a young age, become schooled in the arts and graces of a finer life. She's proficient in everything from music and art to biology, chemistry and universal cosmology. However, all of this is "book knowledge"—never before utilized in the real world. While on a trip to the other side of the galaxy, her group was hijacked and forced into slavery. Near death, her body was sold into medical research, and for the last 15 years, she's been frozen solid, her organs earmarked for donation to anyone who had the money to purchase them. However, before she could be dissected and carved up, Crichton and the others aboard Moya rescued her.

Sikozu (Raelee Hill)


Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu, or Sikozu for short, inadvertently joined up when she landed on the dying Leviathan Elack. Employed by a group of Grudeks hunting toubray, Leviathan neural fibre, she did her job too well when she found the Leviathan sacred burial place. That meant killing her, rather than paying her, became the Grudek's best option. So she fled, crashing straight into Crichton's carefully arranged wormhole equations. The red-haired Kalish has many strange physical quirks including an ability to rebond to severed body parts and an intolerance of translator microbes. Oddest of all is her trick of altering her centre of gravity to walk straight up walls or stand on the ceiling.

Noranti (Melissa Jaffer)


Utu-Noranti Pralatong is a mysterious, three-eyed, "hygienically challenged" herbalist from the planet Trask. Chef, healer, teacher—she has mastered many callings in her 293 cycles of life.

The rest of Moya's crew doesn't know quite what to make of this odd newcome who came onto Moya as a refugee from Scorpius' destroyed command carrier, and who has since adopted them as her companions in discovery.

Commandant Grayza (Rebecca Riggs)


Peacekeeper Commandant Mele-on Grayza has a commanding presence. Her high rank, (and her trick of turning men into mindless sex-slaves with pheromone-laden sweat) make her an adversary to be respected. Intent on seeking a truce with the Scarrans, she saw Scorpius' pursuit of wormhole technology as a futile obsession.

With the two thrown into inevitable conflict, she usurped his authority and cancelled his project. Scorpius came off worst—being reduced to no more than her plaything. She didn't take too well to Crichton pointing Wynnona at her either, but what she wants from him isn't clear. Is it revenge? Technology? Or something rather more…