Executive Producers: Valerie Hardy, Errol Sullivan
Producers: John Edwards, Sandra Levy

Aired: June–December 1995 (130 x 30 min)

Echo Point—a place which combines the energy and buzz of the city with the physical beauty of a peninsular. This is the backdrop for a half hour drama series about people whose lives are woven together like a tapestry. Like most people they have a part of themselves they keep hidden away—when you begin to unwind the secret threads of one life you risk unravelling the seams of another. Echo Point is a mixture of old and new, a place that has retained the romance of its history and incorporated the best of modern city life. A place where the lives of kids and adults—the sophisticated, the naive and the hop—rub together to create compelling drama. Passion, Lies, Romance, Intrigue. Just add blue skies, fresh faces and a dark secret and you've got Echo Point.
Rose ByrneBelinda O'Connor
John ClaytonMaurie Barnard
Louise CrawfordShelley Radcliffe
Kimberly DavenportHolly Winton
Jack EllisMarty Radcliffe
Philip GordonDaniel Blake
Diarmid HeidenreichDean Loman
Martin HendersonZac Brennan
Mick InnesDarcy Brennan
Tom LongDave Campbell
Allan LovelGordon Amadio
Rebecca MurphyFrannie Loman
Jessica NapierEdwina Amadio
Victoria NichollsTrish Loman
Hayley PhillipsLisa Loman
Sean ScullyNeville Loman
Roxane WilsonCoral
David WoodleyHooper Hadley
Liddy ClarkeIris Delaney
Rowena WallaceElizabeth O'Connor

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