Produced by Air Pig Productions and Ambience Entertainment

Producers: Kylie Mascord, Keaton Stewart
Writers: Stephen Abbott, Warren Coleman, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagain
Directors: Glenn Fraser, Beth Armstrong, Danny Raco

Airing: 2017 (Seven)

Lulu, Frankie and Bruce are three Aussie siblings who move with their parents to a B&B in Tubbershandy, an isolated seaside village in western Ireland. Fitting in to a new hometown is hard enough without having to hide a secret so huge as zombie parents! And the methods Lulu, Bruce and Frankie must invent on a daily (even hourly!) basis to keep the truth under wraps are a constant source of adventure and hilarity. For the Champ Clan, life in Tubbershandy can get pretty interesting… and weird… Drop Dead Weird! (26x24min)
Dave Collins...
Amanda Bishop...
Sofia NolanFrankie
Jack RileyBruce
Adele CosentinoLulu
Maeliosa Stafford...
cast photo

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