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Suspicious Minds

Episode 3.09 (29)
Mon, October 01, 2018
565,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Angela McDonald, Gretel Vella
Directed by Ben Chessell, Lucy Gaffy

Hugh tries to cancel the farm sale when he learns the identity of the new owner. Matt is torn between his feelings for Charlie and April. Meryl uncovers major corruption in the local council.

The Knight family’s fortunes go from bad to worse as Meryl (Tina Bursill) discovers that the mysterious buyer of the farm is actually Rod Eagle (Patrick Wilson).

Meryl confronts Hugh (Rodger Corser), who insists he didn’t know it was Rod. He’s convinced it doesn’t matter anyway — the farm has been sold and there’s nothing they can do about it. But Meryl’s not ready to give up, and she’s determined to find out why Rod paid so much for the property. When she gets wind of insider trading, she blackmails Rod and forces him to pull out of the sale.

All is going well for Matt (Ryan Johnson) and April (Miranda Tapsell), and they start having sex in April’s empty house. But Matt knows April’s on the lookout for a father for her baby, and soon things are moving too quickly for comfort. Penny (Hayley McElhinney) and Raph (Don Hany) are also dating, and Penny’s happy with how things are going between them. But soon Raph’s parenting style comes back into question, and Penny has to decide whether it’s a deal breaker.

Meanwhile, Hugh and Ken (Charles Wu) are in town when they run into a guy who needs their help — his son’s unconscious, and he begs them to come with him. They say they’ll call an ambulance, but there’s no time to argue — this guy’s desperate, panicked and welding a gun. They go with the guy to an abandoned shearing shed, where they soon learn that his son’s been bitten by a snake. The father refuses to take him to hospital — there’s a warrant out for his arrest, and if he takes him in, he’ll never see his son again. They finally agree on Hugh going back to the hospital and collecting the antivenom and bringing it back to the kid, but the child ends up having an allergic reaction, and the father is forced to call an ambulance to save his son.


  • Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight
  • Nicole da Silva as Charlie
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Matt Castley as Ajax
  • Belinda Bromilow as Betty
  • Brittany Clark as Mia
  • Charles Wu as Ken


  • Jenevieve Chang as Agent
  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Miranda Tapsell as April
  • Jacob Simmons as Baby Jimmy
  • Jaxon Langstaff as Baby Jimmy
  • Lucas Liptak as Baby Jimmy
  • Ellis Watts as Baby Jimmy
  • Chase Armstrong as Baby Jimmy
  • Edmund Lembke-Hogan as George
  • Zoe Carides as Mayor Miller
  • Alexander Chard as George's Son
  • Don Hany as Raph
  • Genevieve Hegney as Harriet
  • Uli Latukefu as Darren
  • Winta McGrath as Floyd
  • Alan Dukes as Glen
  • Jayanna Assaf as Tilly
  • Ben Toyer as Ajax Stunt Double
  • Ben Toyer as Stunt Driver
  • Oliver Hay as Fireman