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The Great Campaign

Episode 2.04 (14)
Wed, September 06, 2017
704,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Tori Garrett

Penny and Hugh's worst nightmare comes true when they're called out to the scene of a light plane crash. They quickly discover there's no survivors, and are terrified when faced with the prospect of getting back on their own light plane to fly home. So the pair devise a plan and sedate each other for the duration of the flight, and wake up when they've safely touched down in Whyhope.

Meanwhile, Ajax has chosen to do his work experience at the hospital, but is alarmed when the corpses are brought in from the plane crash and stored in the freezer. And that isn't his only brush with death — as he later watches one of the patients he looked after suddenly die from sepsis. He struggles to understand how the others can be so commonplace with death and considers whether he could ever have a career at the hospital.

Ajax is not the only new face in the clinic — as Dr. Toke, the ex-army medic from Sydney, suddenly shows up. He's followed Penny back to Whyhope, determined to give their relationship a real chance. Hugh's immediately annoyed by him, and perplexed as to why Penny would consider dating a guy like that. So Hugh decides to get the scoop on their relationship from his man on the inside — and Floyd tells him things look serious.

At the homestead, Charlie and Matt are being interviewed for an article about the Brewery. But when the reporter arrives, the pressure gets to them and they both become slightly warped versions of themselves — Matt's suddenly a cowboy, and Charlie's an entrepreneurial business woman. However they soon realize that the young blogger has her eyes on a bigger story, and is using them to get to Meryl.

At the Town Hall, an election recount has been called, and Meryl and Rod sit nervously waiting. Finally, the results are in, and Meryl is still the victor. Rod's furious, and winds up having a heart attack. Hugh, Penny and Toke all arrive on the scene, where they discover he's recently had bypass surgery. They bring him back to the hospital, where Hugh unpicks the stiches, opens his chest and performs a cardiac massage, saving his life. But the drama is not yet over — Meryl may have won the election, but Tugger reveals CCTV footage of Hayley calling in to report the uncounted ballot boxes, incriminating them both.


  • Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight
  • Nicole da Silva as Charlie
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Matt Castley as Ajax
  • Belinda Bromilow as Betty
  • Brittany Clark as Mia
  • Charles Wu as Ken
  • Steve Bisley as Jim Knight


  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Lynne McGimpsy as Sharon Eagle
  • Tony Lynch as Dead Pilot
  • Aidan Gillett as Dead Passenger
  • Shakira Clanton as Kodie
  • Lucy Durack as Tugger
  • Angus McLaren as Dr. Toke
  • James Lugton as Principal Collins
  • Drew Simmons as Cleaner
  • Winta McGrath as Floyd
  • Peter Corbett as Brian
  • Ebony Vagulans as Jac