The Doctor Blake Mysteries: episode guide


airing late 2018

Doctor Blake is back.

It's 1963 and Australia sits on the cusp of a brave new world— a world awash with murder, mystery and mayhem. JFK has just been assassinated and the universe may never be the same again. Blake and Jean face greater challenges than they could ever have imagined. Haunted houses, flying saucers, deadly dentists, long lost daughters and much, much more. They're challenges the two of them will face together. Buckle up — it's going to be a hell of ride.

In 2018, Seven becomes the new home of number one Australian drama, THE DOCTOR BLAKE MYSTERIES — returning much-loved stars Craig McLachlan (Blake) and Nadine Garner (Jean) to our screens, as well as other familiar faces and some new players.

THE DOCTOR BLAKE MYSTERIES is a December Media production in association with Film Victoria for Channel Seven.