Cybergirl: cast

Ania Stepien as Cybergirl /Ashley

Anie Stepien

Ania plays both Cybergirl and Ashley. Cybergirl is digital perfection—a teenage prototype with a likeable human edge, who has plunged from space to earth to study humanity. Ashley is Cybergirl in her human guise.

Currently in year 11, Ania was the youngest member of the NSW State Drama Company, and toured England with the group in 1999.

The seventeen-year-old has also performed in Two Weeks with the Queen at the Seymour Centre, and appeared in Beyond The Game - the Opening Ceremony program for the Sydney Olympics, as part of the meetings of ASIOF and AOC at the Sydney Opera House in 1998. Most recently, Ania appeared in the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) production Birds at the Sydney Opera House, as part of the Olympic Arts Festival.

Craig Horner as Jackson

Craig Horner

Craig plays fourteen year old Jackson — a boy who is strong willed and optimistic with a great sense of fun.

Having just finished year 12, Craig Horner makes his television acting debut as Jackson in Cybergirl. From Brisbane, Queensland, Craig has participated in many school drama performances, including 1945 - The Musical and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Jovita Lee Shaw as Kat

Jovita Lee Shaw

Jovita plays Kat—a fourteen year old wise crack who, beneath her cool exterior, is a warm hearted softie.

Seventeen year old Jovita’s most recent credits included a lead role in the New Zealand television series Mirror Mirror II.

In 1996, she performed in Raggedy Ann at the Brisbane Arts Theatre and played the lead roles in Pyramid Playhouse’s Council of All Species and Kids Trilogy.

Mark Owen-Taylor as Hugh

Mark Owen-Taylor

Mark plays the role of Jackson’s father Hugh an absentminded professor who is a great shoulder to lean on.

A 1984 NIDA graduate, Mark is a well known face on Australian television , with credits including Grass Roots, Hey Dad, E Street, Grass Roots, Heartbreak High, Family and Friends, G.P, A Country Practice, Land of Hope and Sons and Daughters.

Mark has also appeared in feature films THANK GOD HE MET LIZZIE and COTTON.

Mark’s theatrical credits include Daylight Saving, Del Del, Medea, The Shaughraun and Educating Rita.

Septimus Caton as Rhyss

Septimus Caton

Rhyss is a power mad, pasty faced, sinister computer genius who is bent on controlling River City and capturing Cybergirl.

Septimus graduated from NIDA in 1999 and has appeared on the television shows Jag, Water Rats, and Head Start and was recently seen in the theatrical production Paradise, directed by Chris Edmund. Septimus is the son of actor Michael Caton (The Castle).

Jennifer Congram as Xanda

Jennifer Congram

Jennifer plays Xanda—a dangerous Cyborg who along with her partner, bounty hunter Isaac, have pursued Cybergirl across the universe. Definitely the beauty and the brains of the evil duo, Xanda is intent on capturing Cybergirl!

Jennifer’s film and television credits include Something Wicked, Eat In Or Takeaway, Little White Lies, Hypersleep, Chameleon II, Monster, The Product, Chameleon III, Blonde and Time Trax.

Jennifer has also appeared on television shows Medivac, Sabrina Down Under, Flipper Series III, Animal Park and Paradise Beach.

Ric Anderson as Isaac

Ric Anderson

Ric plays Isaac, a wedge-headed, pizza-loving Cyborg who has been sent with his partner in crime, Xanda, to capture Cybergirl.

Not only does Ric play the role of Isaac in CYBERGIRL, he is a Stunt Coordinator behind the scenes. He has worked as safety supervisor and assistant stunt coordinator on feature films such as CROCODILE DUNDEE IN L.A., PITCH BLACK and YOLGNU BOY. He also worked in safety and stunts throughout the complete OCEAN GIRL series.

Ric has played character roles in several television series including Space, The Elite and Hamilton’s Quest.

Peter Mochrie as Rick Fontaine

Peter Mochrie

Peter plays Rick Fontaine - the father of Kat, and River City’s finest tabloid journalist. He’s all smiles and style—a consummate professional.

Peter has appeared extensively on Australian television in programs including Murder Call, Water Rats, Blue Heelers, Home and Away, Sons and Daughters and Neighbours.


Peter has performed on stage in theatrical productions including Pest House, directed by Terence Clark; The Bear directed by Dean Carey; Summer of the Seventeenth Doll directed by Gail Edwards; Women Behind Bars directed by Ron Link; and The Shifting Heart directed by David McSwan.