Created by: Terry Stapleton
Executive Producer: Hector Crawford and Ian Crawford
Producers: Ian Crawford, Terry Stapleton & Marie Trevor

Aired: Nov 1977–1984

Cop Shop takes us inside a suburban police station. It follows real people and real characters whose lives are entangled through their work. It is a story that uncovers the warmth and humour of its characters and the hopes and fears of their everyday lives. Cop Shop is also full of high action, adventure and gripping police drama. (582 episodes)
Peter AdamsJeff Johnson
Tony BonnerDon McKenna
Paula DuncanDanni Francis
Joanna LockwoodValerie Close
George MallabyGlen Taylor
Terry NorrisEric O'Reilly
Gregory RossTony Benjamin
Rowena WallacePamela Taylor
Patrick WardPeter Fleming
Gil TuckerRoy Baker
John OrcsikMike Georgiou
Rosie BaileyMelissa Baker
Liz BurchLiz Cameron
Terence DonovanDet. Snr. Sgt. Vic Cameron
Nicholas EadieConstable Sam Phillips
John EwartAlf Baker
Alan FletcherConstable Frank Rossi
Billie HamburgInspector Joyce Stratton
Alwyn KurtsSergeant Reg Wallis
John LeeInspector Ian Timms
John McTernanDet Sgt. Tom Shannon
Monica MaughanIris Baker
Joanne MooreGayle Taylor
Moya O'SullivanLorna Close
Louise PhillipClaire O'Reilly
Lyn SemmlerKate Ryan
Bill StalkerDet. Snr. Sgt. Peter Fanelli
Lynda StonerConstable Amanda King
Olga TamaraDetective Julie Mitchell
John WaltonTerry Linford Jones

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