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Episode 2.01 (7)


Wed, February 03, 2016
513,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Adams Briggs, Steven Oliver, Nakkiah Lui, Karen Edwards, Andy Williams, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

In this episode we are introduced to Ray, a recent parolee and the newest member of the Black Comedy writing and performing team, recruited as part of the ABC's Bridging The Gap Program. Unfortunately Ray's enthusiasm for his new job doesn't quite extend to his new colleagues — and things start to get a little awkward around the office, until an incident with a brick sees Ray back behind bars.

We meet the Thong Mum and her daughter Selina. No matter where she may be the second Selina steps out of line she can expect to feel the wrath of her mother's boomerang-like thong. We're introduced to the Beachies, a father and son from the Torres Strait who spend their days sitting on a log, staring out to sea, pondering life's imponderables.

We revisit Townsville's most beloved gay men, the Tiddas, the boys from Blakforce tackle a white noise complaint, the Housewives of Narromine make a welcome return and we visit Blackfella Superstitious Solutions, a business dedicated to helping the victims of traditional curses. We also meet an Aboriginal psychic and visit a Hardware shop that offers customers the ultimate in-store service, your own personal Aboriginal blacktracker to help you locate those especially hard to find items — but as one poor tradie finds out, it's always best to make sure you tip your tracker.

Starring: Adams Briggs, Aaron Fa'aoso, Nakkiah Lui, Steven Oliver, Elizabeth Wymarra, Ian Zaro

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Jack Charles, Matt Day, Bruce R Carter, Bjorn Stewart, Lisa Hensley, Shari Sebbens, Michael Denkha, Costa Georgiadis, Luke Carroll, Hamish Michael, Derik Lynch, Heather Bergersen, Shaka Cook, Alfred Coolwell, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, Julie Moore, Scarlett Jasmine Moore, Francisca Braithwaite, ALexander Kermond, Leo Tanoi, Brad McMurray

Episode 2.02 (8)


Wed, February 10, 2016
Written by Adams Briggs, Steven Oliver, Nakkiah Lui, Paul Ryan, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

This episode sees the return of Jessie, the long suffering receptionist from the Black On Track employment agency, takes us behind closed doors at a conference at which Aboriginal representatives from each state and territory are trying to decide on a common Indigenous language, and a photo shoot where a not-overly- sensitive photographer tries to get a group of Aboriginal community workers to pose like 'proper' Aboriginals.

Meanwhile, Blakforce are called to a barbecue to try and deal with a serial undercooker, there's also an ad for an enticing new adult phone service 'Boys Gone Wild', and a shark attack victim gets an interesting insight into how Aboriginal people feel.

We pay homage to The Godfather with the Elders, an epic four-part tale of a turf war between two Matriarchs feuding over the rights to Melbourne's lucrative 'Welcome to Country' income stream and a Blakforce favourite announces that he has been selected for promotion to the Blakforce SCU, the prestigious Special Coconut Unit.

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Leah Purcell, Bruce R Carter, Matt Day, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, David Page, Richard Green, Daniel Berini, Francisca Braithwaite, Ivan Clarke, Alfred Coolwell, Israel Dedeigbo, Jack Gibson, Ethel Ann Gundy, Rasharyn Marr, Bill McPherson, Kiara Milera, Angeline Penrith, Mirrabee Penrith, Lasarus Ratuere, Kerri Simpson, Shannon Still

Episode 2.03 (9)


Wed, February 17, 2016
Written by Adams Briggs, Steven Oliver, Nakkiah Lui, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

In this episode we encounter an advertising company encumbered with the task of rebranding Aboriginality, we're given an insight into the potential horrors that lurk behind every silent telephone number and the Beachies give us some insight as to why it is that UFOs only ever abduct white people.

Blackfella Superstitious Solutions returns to find out what sort of trouble you're asking for if you're stupid enough to cut your hair at night, Ginny and Marcia, the Housewives of Narromine, share the dirt on a bingo night gone wrong, and things appear to be hotting up between the Tiddas.

Meanwhile, we hit the streets with the men and women of Blakforce SCU, the crack Special Coconut Unit, as they try to police what is and isn't black at the top end of town. In tonight's episode they're on the trail of 'The Renovator' a serial offender who buys houses in black neighborhoods then does them up to sell to rich white people. Detective Nathan is going to have to survive kale, scented candles, cheese knives and soy lattes if he's going to come anywhere near cracking the case — even though the culprit maybe closer than he could ever have imagined.

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Leah Purcell, Jimi Bani, Bjorn Stewart, Bruce R Carter, Hamish Michael, Harriet Dyer, Nicolas Frew, Aldo Mignone, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, Calen Tassone, Daniel Berini, Amy Beckwith, Aimee Fischer-Gray, Majhid Heath, Shari Hutchison, Claire Stephens, Sani Townson

Episode 2.04 (10)


Wed, February 24, 2016
Written by Nakkiah Lui, Adams Briggs, Steven Oliver, Ian Zaro, Dylan River, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

We meet a slightly unhinged Indigenous driving instructor and his terriffed white student, a traveller who keeps more than just her boobs in her bra, and a group of corporate types who respond to being told they have to have a Welcome to Country ceremony by putting on one of their own.

There's also an appearance by Uncle Doctor, an Indigenous man who practices medicine even though his only qualification is an honorary doctorate awarded for his work as a cultural advisor. Working with little more than Vicks, flat lemonade and vinegar Uncle Doctor insists that while his methods may be unconventional, they must be respected — this despite a litany of failed diagnoses and treatments.

Brooke Satchwell's racially confused white woman Tiffany is back. We find Tiffany in an institution where she is undergoing therapy to cure her of her racial confusion — but has it worked? For her ex-boyfriend John's sake we can only hope so. And we meet May and Cale, a hip young mixed race couple struggling to find a sexual position that is both non-racist and sexually satisfying.

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Brooke Satchwell, Andrew McFarlane, Luke Carroll, Bruce R Carter, Harriet Dyer, Anita Hegh, Hamish Michael, Sam O'Sullivan, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, Calen Tassone, Callum McManis, Luka May Glynn-Cole, Cindy Drummond, Gemma Summerhayes

Episode 2.05 (11)


Wed, March 02, 2016
Written by Nakkiah Lui, Steven Oliver, Ian Zaro, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

In this episode we are introduced to the 'Namer 3000' a supercomputer designed to overcome the shortage of Aboriginal names required to be given to parks, suburbs and riverside walkways — but is it everything it's cracked up to be? We also meet a first contact woman whose first contact with the white man has turned her in to a beer swilling, darts playing, Manchester United supporting Chav.

Meanwhile we drop by a traditional wedding, we have another unnerving lesson with the Driving Instructor, the Tiddas appear to be on the verge of something bigger than Troy's big bent budhoo, and the Beachies ponder the reasoning behind the 'Ab' in Aboriginal.

We also go back in time to revisit one of the classic 'lost' Australian gothic horror movies of the early 70s, the unforgettable 'Wandaroorah'. Made in the tradition of 'The Cars That Ate Paris' and Wake In Fright', only not as good, 'Wandaroorah' is about a small country town that hasn't seen so much as a single Aboriginal in generations, but with NAIDOC week approaching the local citizenry decide it's time they did something about that. Something unsettling. Something downright evil.

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Matt Day, Anita Hegh, Chris Haywood, Bruce Spence, Maggie Dence, Graham Rouse, Bruce R Carter, Derik Lynch, Heath Bergersen, Shaka Cook, Alfred Coolwell, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, Cindy Drummond, Edgaer Wymarra, Robert Hookey, Joyce Wymarra, Ash Wymarra, Callum McManis, Kiara Milera, Brendan Shelper, Gabriel Dowrick

Episode 2.06 (12)


Wed, March 09, 2016
Written by Steven Oliver, Nakkiah Lui, Paul Ryan, Ian Zaro, Adams Briggs, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Erica Glynn

In this episode we drop in on the Housewives of Narromine, visit with Uncle Doctor and sit on the log staring out into the ocean with the Beachies for the last time. Thong Mum and Selina get some big news, and we meet Maloo, a pre-contact conspiracy theorist who's predicted the arrival of the tall ships and the white man as well as global warming.

We meet a serial killer who finds it offensive that his Indigenous would-be victims think that's he's going to kill them first just because they're black, and we watch as a young Indigenous man launches a social media campaign to make white people sit next to their Aboriginal brothers and sisters on public transport — a campaign that works too well for anyone's comfort.

We also catch up on Laine, Stu, Bret and Cookie, the two white couples who sponsored an Aboriginal girl and her brother for a dollar a day in series one — something that they've now come to realise was no more than a disempowering act of colonization driven by their White Saviour Complexes. And finally we catch up with the Tiddas, as they embark on the trip of a lifetime, to New Zealand, where they intend to become husband and husband... if they can pull it off.

Guest Cast: Deborah Mailman, Robbie Magasiva, David Page, Jimi Bani, Michael Dorman, Bjorn Stewart, Shaka Cook, Alfred Coolwell, Heath Bergersen, Derik Lynch, Brendan Cowell, Matt Day, Anita Hegh, Lisa Hensley, Bruce R Carter, Luke Carroll, Elaine Crombie, Leonie Whyman, Callum McManis, Daniel Derini, Alex Hardaker, Ethel Ann Gundy, Max Martin, Max Berkman, Shane Davidson, Lachlan Lyons, Clare Mackay