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Live Heelers bang on

THE Blue Heelers cast and crew had a feeling their historic live show on Wednesday night went well.

But as they downed a few cold drinks after the show, they had no idea just how well.

When the figures came through yesterday, Heelers was the No. 1 show in Melbourne on the night.

And the average audience for the hour-long live show, a bit more than 600,000 people and peaking at 693,000, helped Seven to a narrow win over the whole night in Melbourne.

Dedicated Heelers fans told The Eye the live show had a feeling about it that was more theatre than TV drama, but they weren’t complaining.

Over drinks at the Arkibar in South Melbourne, the cast and crew celebrated the near-seamless live telecast of 51 scenes that made up the hour-long show.

No one fell over, no one swore or forgot their lines and most importantly, the gun fired when it was supposed to.

April 23, 2004
Herald Sun