Produced by Seven Studios

Creator/writer: Bevan Lee
Executive Producer: Julie McGauran
Producer: Chris Martin-Jones
Co-producer: Lesley Parker
Directors: Kriv Stenders, Lynn Hegarty, Caroline Bell-Booth, Beck Cole, Michael Hurst

Airing: 2019... (Seven)

Hermione Norris plays Cate Walford whose relationship with vicious, business tycoon husband, Phillip, is on the ropes and sees a tempestuous home life trapped in a tangled web of lies and manipulation. Through a shocking twist of fate, this dark and murky world collides with the seemingly disparate and disconnected, warm and loving world of a widow and her footy star son and musical daughter. Destructive secrets are soon unearthed proving nothing is quite as it first might appear.
Hermione NorrisCate Walford
Philip QuastPhillip Walford
Sara WisemanSophia Grey
Aaron JefferyDavid Baines
Tom DalzellBart Walford
Megan HajjarBella Grey
Blazey BestSandra Jones
Melanie Jarnson...
Dominic Allburn...
Melanie Jarnson...
Marny Kennedy...
Sarah Thamin...
Andrew McFarlane...

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