A Micanical Media, 2 Jons and Fremantle production for ABC

Creators: Michael Lawrence, John Molloy, Liz Doran
Producers: John Molloy, Michael Lawrence, Justin Davies
Writers: Liz Doran, Matt Cameron, Marieke Hardy
Directors: Shawn Seet, Fadia Abboud, Taylor Steele
Executive Producers: Chris Oliver-Taylor, Liz Doran, Taylor Steele, Nicholas Cook
Executive Producers: Jon Adgemis, Michael Gudinski, Michael Lawrence, John Molloy
ABC Executive Producers: Sally Riley, Brett Sleigh, Rebecca Anderson

Airing: Sun, April 24, 2022... (ABC)

Set in 1971, Barons tells the story of a surf-crazed group of hippy friends who turn their backs on the world in search of their ideal patch of surfing paradise. Little do they know that their desire for ultimate freedom and the perfect wave will take them from the beach to the boardroom, creating billion-dollar empires. But in doing so, best friends are about to become bitter rivals. (8x60min)
Sean KeenanBill 'Trotter' Dwyer
Ben O’TooleSnapper Webster
Jillian NguyenTracy Dwyer
Hunter Page-LochardReg Thompson
Sophia ForrestDani Kirk
Karina BannoJules Zemanik
Vivienne AwosogaMargaux Dupont
Nicholas BurtonTom 'Sharpie' Sharp
Sebastian TangPeter 'Dimma' Chan
Lincoln YounesBuddy Fraser
George PullarBernie Hunter Jr
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