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Kung Pao Chicken

Episode 1
Thu, Septemebr 16, 2021 (Amazon Prime Video)
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Jeremy Sims

Julie Rafter’s life is thrown into confusion when, after six years away, a city reunion reveals crises in the lives of the rest of the Rafters and causes her to question her own country town happiness.

Notes: I believe this is the first time Erik Thomson and Libby Tanner have been on screen together since episode 6.10 of All Saints (2003) which was the final episode of the series for both actors. Evelyn Sims (who plays one of Ruby's classmates) is the daughter of episode director Jeremy Sims


  • Rebecca Gibney as Julie Rafter
  • Erik Thomson as Dave Rafter
  • Hugh Sheridan as Ben Rafter
  • Angus McLaren as Nathan Rafter
  • Georgina Haig as Rachel Rafter
  • Willow Speers as Ruby Rafter
  • Haiha Le as Cassie Rafter
  • George Houvardas as Nick "Carbo" Karandonis
  • Michael Caton as Ted Taylor
  • Merridy Eastman as Donna
  • Libby Tanner as Tessa
  • Aaron McGrath as Paddo
  • Rose Riley as Anna
  • Mercia Deane-Johns as Mrs Spade
  • Alfie Gledhill as Mr Miller
  • Kaspar Frost as Edward Rafter
  • Evelyn Sims as Rose
  • Caliah Pinones as Tara
  • Ada Gao as Waitress
  • Mark Duncan as Dave Stunt Double
  • Glenn Suter as Paddo Stunt Double


  • "Around Here" performed by Thelma Plumbe
  • "Little Things" performed by Jessica Mauboy