All Saints: profiles

Alexandra Davies…

Alex scored her big break when she landed a part in the sitcom Flat Chat in 2000. She also played the love interest of Josh Lucas in the American film, Stealth, released in Australia in late 2005.

Alex's other outstanding acting roles include playing Detective Senior Constable Donna Parry in Young Lions as well as roles in the telemovie After the Rain and in The Secret Life of Us.

Alex loves keeping fit. She spends her time off work running regularly, practising yoga and walking her dog Bonnie.

In 2003, Alex was nominated for a Logie for Most Popular New Female Talent.

…as Cate McMasters

Cate is in her mid-twenties. She is a spirited and positive woman with a lot of confidence - nothing much scares her.

Her bravado often covers a compassionate and curious inner-person who likes to make friends and form deep bonds with people. She really cares about others and prefers to remain happy and upbeat rather than moody and intense about things.

After her father, a cop, died during an act of heroism, Cate was raised by a single mum in a caravan. She can be a little sensitive about where she came from at times - after all, other people lived in houses - but the caravan life wasn't always bad.

It's given her a love of the outdoors, of bush and water, and also a neurotic streak about keeping the back of the ambulance neat. In a caravan, everything needs to be in its proper place to make room for everything. Tidiness is the one thing she insists on, to the aggravation of the blokes she drives with.

Cate is at a crossroads in her life, both emotionally and professionally. She likes to party, have fun, flirt, and generally enjoy life, but underneath all that, she craves the real thing, true love. She is wary of romantic entanglements but somehow someone is going to break down those barriers and he'll be the luckiest man on earth.