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Libby Tanner

Untrue love

LIBBY Tanner gets paid to lie to her husband.

She works opposite real-life love Brian Vriends in the hospital drama All Saints.

While the pair's off-screen relationship is smooth, their on-screen relationship as couple Bronwyn Craig and Ben Markham could not be much worse.

Up until recently the pair were planning to marry, and Ben was taking care of the details, from place-settings to reception halls.

Then Bron dropped a bombshell: she confessed to having an affair with a man she met while holidaying overseas.

It was a secret she had kept from Ben for quite a while, hiding phone calls and messages from the other man.

Tanner says Bron only confessed when one of their mutual friends found out.

"I don't think she would have told him otherwise, which was pretty wicked," she says.

"It's great fun to play someone with a bit of a darker side. Ben's a little bit straight so she's always been the wilder one."

Tanner says working opposite Vriends is one of the easiest jobs she has had.

In Tanner's four years on the series Bron has dealt with sexual abuse, gambling, problems with her father and more. "But that's why she's so endearing," Tanner says.

"She's a little bit muddled but she's honest about it. She doesn't pretend to be holier than thou and that's why people love her."

This week's episode sees Bron's personal predicament affect her work, but she hints at an on-screen reunion with her husband. "The love isn't totally lost, but it goes astray for a while," she says.

All Saints, Seven, Tuesday, 8.30pm.

By Jennifer Dudley
August 08, 2002
The Courier Mail