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This can't be happening!

Terri's job is on the line when she defies hospital rules on All Saints.

All Saints' Terri goes against hospital protocol and places her nursing career in serious jeopardy. Terri's conduct at work recently has been far fro exemplary and her relationships with her colleagues have become increasingly strained.

When she required time off from her job to be with her dying husband, her needs were accommodated. When she needed time off to grieve over his death, it wasn't a problem. But when she was admitted to the hospital after a breakdown and was abusive to co-workers, it was the final straw.

Watching Terri Sullivan spiralling downward is hospital CEO, Colin Blackburn. As Terri is a senior staff member, expectations of her are high and Colin isn't prepared to make further allowances. He's watching her every move.

But not all is as it seems. While Terri has been erratic and distressed, unknown to her there are hidden factors that threaten to destroy her career once and for all.

Terri's neighbour Carmen is seriously ill and Terri does her best to tend to her medical needs. Carmen was the one who found Terri lying in her garden suffering from pneumonia after a breakdown. Now that Carmen needs help, Terri wants to return the favour.

Carmen is in trouble with a feeder line into her neck that has become infected, but she refuses to go to the hospital. Suffering from a severe form of agoraphobia, she's too scared to leave the safety of her home.

Despite Terri's pleas, Carmen refuses to go to All Saints and the infection in her neck becomes worse. Terri tries going through the proper channels to speed up a scheduled home visit by a doctor but, when this fails, she takes matters into her own hands.

She asks Charlotte to make an unscheduled house call and Charlotte agrees. But when the pair return to the hospital, Colin demands a full explanation. Terri attempts to defend her actions, but he dismisses her protests and stares her in the eye as he declares "I'm well within my rights to fire you!"

Terri is stunned. Just as she thought she was pulling herself back together, Colin threatens to take away her one success in life.

But what she doesn't realise is that unseen forces are conspiring to have her removed from the hospital for good.

For Terri Sullivan, the battle for her survival has only just begun.

By John Burfitt
May 19, 2003
TV Soap