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All Saints' 250th

AUSSIE drama All Saints reaches a milestone this week—its 250th episode.

And only one cast member—Judith McGrath (Von Ryan)—has been in all 250.

Martin Lynes (Luke Forlano) and Georgie Parker (Terri Sullivan) have been with the show since it started, but not in every episode.

All Saints has been throwing up some pretty impressive guest stars of late.

The gorgeous Jess Gower joined the show this month and now rising Aussie star Brett Stiller has come on board.

Stiller has already chalked up an impressive list of film credits.

He was first noticed starring alongside Kick Gurry and Pia Miranda in Aussie rock flick Garage Days and recently starred opposite Miranda again in Travelling Light.

Stiller also appeared with Tom Long in The Postcard Bandit, the telemovie about robber Brenden Abbott.

In All Saints, Stiller plays Greg Roberts, a mysterious cleaner who strikes up a friendship with Dr Charlotte Beaumont (Tammy McIntosh).

Greg has been lurking in the background so far, but we're told he will be a central figure in the show's dramatic season finale on November 25.

October 27, 2003
Herald Sun

Judith McGrath

St Judith the ever present

IT IS quite an achievement these days for an Australian drama series to run for 250 episodes.

It's an even greater achievement to star in every single one.

So Judith McGrath definitely deserves to have her cake and eat it too, tonight when All Saints notches up 250 episodes.

McGrath, who stars as steely nurse Von Ryan, has appeared in every episode of the Seven drama.

Others who have been there from the start, but not in every show, are Martin Lynes and Georgie Parker.

Meanwhile one of the latest additions to the cast, Brett Stiller, is about to step forward from lurking in the background as the mysterious cleaner, Greg Roberts.

Stiller, who was in Australian rock flick Garage Days, will play a central figure in the show's dramatic season finale on November 25.

October 28, 2003
The Daily Telegraph