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All Saints star calls it quits

IT was the worst kept secret in showbusiness but it was confirmed yesterday that two-time Gold Logie winner Georgie Parker will quit television.

The talented star made famous by her feisty but sensitive Sister Terri confirmed she would leave the Seven network's All Saints next year.

The seven-year-old drama's most popular character, who has been on air from the start, will be last seen on air in May.

Her departure will ensure a ratings boom driven by strong storylines—still being written—which are always created for the departure of key figures in top programs.

Some shows live on with new stars, while others fail as audiences missing familiar faces drift away.

Final proof of the hospital drama's longevity will be how it survives after Parker's exit—a tough issue for the show.

All Saints was given a reprieve and overhauled instead of being axed last year after being seriously assaulted in its 8.30pm Tuesday timeslot by US forensic drama CSI.

The set was moved from a general ward to an emergency one and Sister Terri was immediately bullied by her new boss Dr Frank, played by John Howard.

All Saints made headlines last April when Frank used the "f" word to Sister Terri—then a newly ex-nun.

Speculation about Parker's future was raised immediately with scriptwriters creating several plausible escape routes.

Parker, 40, has said she was unhappy Terri was "treading water" as a character and had considered ditching her $400,000-a-year contract to pursue other opportunities for some time.

"I know that some of the audience will be sad to see Terri leave," she said yesterday.

"But the show has so many strong characters that I can guarantee All Saints will go from strength to strength.

"I want to sincerely thank the cast, crew and especially the wonderful audience for seven unforgettable years."

Seven network drama chief John Holmes wished her the best and said "explosive" storylines and new characters would keep All Saints alive during 2005.

December 24, 2004
The Daily Telegraph