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Libby Tanner

The Show Must Go On

All Saints returns to our screens with a bang–literally. An earthquake sets off a cataclysmic chain of events, including a massive train disaster which spells distress for the staff of Ward 17.

Bron and Lyle are on board the train, travelling to the opening night of his play, when the tremor hits. It forces the tracks to buckle and the train carrying 300 passengers jack-knifes, hitting a pylon at high speed.

Trapped in the damaged train carriage, Bron sustains a head injury but still tries to treat the wounded around her while attempts are made to free them from the wreckage. When the carriage starts to shift, the passengers are buried under the carriage1s collapsed roof.

Conrad Coleby The tremor also hits Ward 17 and Von injures her wrist in a fall. With her arm in plaster, the ward is further understaffed and already crammed with patients, with more on the way following the train disaster.

Dr Luke Forlano and the paramedics Ben, Scott and Rebecca attend the accident scene and all of them are shocked by the extent of the carnage. It gets worse when they discover that Bron and Lyle are somewhere in the train.

Catch part one of the gripping series return of All Saints, on Tuesday February 5 at 8.30pm on Seven.

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February 2002