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Parker nominates work as her reward

WINNING television's highest honours was not that glamorous for Georgie Parker. After collecting her gold and silver Logies and winding up some interviews, the All Saints star went back to her motel, watched some TV and went to bed.

Parker, who won the Gold Logie for most popular personality and the silver for most popular actress, said while just working regularly in television was an achievement, her Logies were "the icing on the cake".

"Success means a lot of things to different people but, for me, success is to be working with good people every day on a show which is doing really well," she said.

"I am just content in being nominated."

Parker said she expected SeaChange star Sigrid Thornton to win the gold.

While the night was Parker's, she said she wanted to share the spotlight with her Channel 7 cast and crew.

"I wouldn't be there if it was not for the show."

Parker said just to be working was one of her greatest achievements.

Almost 2.5 million people tuned in to Sunday night's TV Week Logies Awards.

The Logies telecast attracted an average national audience of about 2.46 million, peaking at more than 2.8 million, according to ratings agency OzTAM.

Brisbane's audience averaged at 392,576, with a ratings peak of 32 per cent. million, according to ratings agency OzTAM.

April 24, 2001
The Courier-Mail